Susanne Benter’s Shopping Paradise

Susanne Benter, Boutique
Where: Munich, Germany

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Together with her three employees, Susanne Benter showcases the newest fashion trends

I sensed it from the beginning: From the moment I stepped in, I left the rational area and proceeded to non-controllable territory. Don’t worry: I’m neither on a dangerous expedition at undetected Himalaya Mountains nor am I on the TV-Show ‘RTL-Dschungelcamp’. I’m only exploring the Munich Boutique of Susanne Benter, my friend Andrea has been gushing about. Three years ago Susanne Benter from Northern Germany opened her chic fashion temple at the heart of the Bavarian Isar-Metropolis. Fashion enthusiasts should be equipped with good control mechanisms if they don’t want to get into a shopping fever.

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“My only hobby is the daily cycling to the shop”, says Susanne Benter, who advises customers herself every day.

At a 150 square meter sales area the studied ladies’ tailor and textile economist Benter showcases a brand mix her customers love: Missoni, See by Chloe, Ivi – but then there are also rather unknown newcomers, that the former buyer of Ludwig Beck offers a forum at her boutique. “Young designers rarely have a stage”, outlines Susanne Benter her buying concept. “Here they coexist next to already established brands.”

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Cashmere is always a goog idea

For 13 years Susanne Benter has been living and working in Munich now. From early on the ‘girl from the countryside’ dreamed of self-employment. “Fashion has always been my passion”, explains Benter, who likes to get inspired by her trips to the fashion capital Paris. “And when I found this shop by accident, it was a real godsend.” Residing between the Hotel ‘Bayrischer Hof’ and the shopping mall ‘Fünf Höfe’ Susanne Benter is in adequate neighborhood. ‘The beauty is, that I am always in direct exchange with my customers and therefore know exactly what they want.

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“I absolutely wanted brass as material for the shop design”, says trend scout Susanne Benter, “even though four years ago it wasn’t common at all.”

Beautiful is her shop as well, interior designer Claudia Breil from Hamburg refurbished it with light colors, graphic wallpapers from Cole & Son, wood paneling, and trendy brass. “I didn’t want it clean, cool, white”, says Benter, “but a cozy atmosphere – just like home.” And maybe that is the exposure: The shop with it’s comfortable sitting areas and XXL changing rooms in boudoir style quickly lets you forget where you are. BvH

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“We are very much counting on fur, like this mink from Furry”, says Susanne Benter. “Especially younger women don’t buy at the classic furrier anymore.”

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Bags of the young Munich label ‘Any Di’ belong into the Benter assortment as well as cashmere from ‘Heart’

Accessories by the Munich label ‘Any Di’

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The trends of the recent season: “Capes, Ponchos and ‘Flared Jeans’ are a MUST.”

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In the showcase precious jewelries from Nicola Hinrichsen

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Susanne Benter offers brands like Bazar de Luxe, Ivi, Paige Jeans, Shirt-à-Porter, Hemisphere Kaschmir, Manzoni 24, Taj, Her Shirt

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Inventive is this presentation of the ‘Statement-Colliers’ in round showcases

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MyStylery loves the lamps and armchairs in the sixties design

Cashmere is always a good idea

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Lurex Stockings from Missoni

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My favorite: leather leggings like this from Arma in the current fall colors

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Fashion victims watch out: Not only can you buy the great scented candles from Voluspa here, but also the hip fur pom poms

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Susanne Benters boutique is located between Promenadenplatz and Salvatorchurch with a view to the Frauenkirche


Susanne Benter
Kardinal Faulhaber Straße 15
80333 München

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