Home-cooking & Co in Henny’s restaurant

What: Henny’s Restaurant
Where: Hamburg, Germany

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The Hamburger writer and organ builder Hans Henny Jahnn (1894 – 1959) is the eponym of the Hamburger hotspot ‘Henny’s’ on the Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg in Hamburg-Winterhude

Have you already been to Henny’s, asks my friend Franziska during one of my last trips to my old home town Hamburg. I haven’t – so let’s go. It’s not as easy as I thought to make a reservation, as the restaurant is always busy since its opening some months ago and the 65 seats are always fully booked. We use one of the last sunbeams of the year and meet each other for lunch on the beautiful, big sun terrace of the Henny’s.

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The tables on the terrace with its 95 seats show cloth linen napkins, silverware and candles

In the pretty corner house, which is directly located at an ‘Alsterfleet’ (canal), already tried a couple of gastronomes their luck. The new chief of the house Danilo Del Favero, a native Italian, cleared out the time-honored real estate and brought new shine into it with a noble interior design that is held in grey- and earthy tones. Me as ‘interior-person’ also noticed the positive concept of light.

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Warm colors and a lot of wood dominates the succeeded interior concept: the Henny’s stands for comfort

Del Favero, who learned in the traditionell ‘Atlantic Hotel’, serves his guests a whole range of dishes: from American luxury steak and Hamburger sausages to fresh pizza, burger or sushi: a colorful, uncommon mixture, which should be a treat for every guest. Everything for everyone – does that work? Let’s try it …

Everything for everyone – does that work?

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A huge fire place is a real eye catcher, this caters for ease, especially now, as the days are getting colder

I vary between ‘Königsberger Klopse’ (meat balls) and a mustard egg. When was the last time I ate that? Especially the offer of the home cooking pleases me, because sometimes you just need to eat well and indigenous. Where does this nowadays still exist? BvH

Test passed

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Patron Danilo Del Favero and I. He tells me: “We make fresh, German, Mediterranean, Hamburger cuisine – and it’s affordable!”

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Also on the upper floor dark shades give the rooms comfort

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Super mood at the bar: the staff is in a good temper and friendly

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At the wall maritime decorations – we’re still in the legendary ‘Mühlenkamper Fährhaus’ (in English ferry house)


Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg 1
22085 Hamburg


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