How about a tea, Guido Maria Kretschmer?

Who: Guido Maria Kretschmer, Designer and TV Host
Where: Berlin

He is a successful fashion designer and has become the all-purpose weapon of German television: Guido Maria Kretschmer, generational crossover favorite of the German TV nation. Rightly: Nobody can explain to a ‘Shopping Queen’-participant with dress size 46 more charming and convincingly that the pants would look much better one size bigger. Feasibility, credibility and authenticity are Kretschmer’s unique instruments. The career of the in Münster born Guido began on the hippie market of Ibiza, where he sold his – with mom’s sewing machine – glitter creations and Udo Lindenberg noticed him. From then on, it was uphill with the creative Kretschmer, who also has a good business sense. He designed for the corporations Deutsche Telekom, the hotels Kempinski and Maritim, Montblanc, Emirates Airlines and the tourism group TUI. Guido, the millennium, the book author, costume designer, advertisement star, and well, now also a bag designer for an American chewing gum manufacturer. I meet the busy multi-talent for a tea in his Berlin studio.


Meet me 4 Tea

MyStylery: Guido, when one googles you, the most incredible keywords pop out…
Guido Maria Kretschmer: Yes, what does it say? I never looked it up, because I’m always afraid that there is something that makes me angry.
MS: Among other things, stuff about wallpapers, books, hair, perfumes, clothes and recently also chewing gum.
GMK: In the USA there is hardly a big designer who has not already designed for Wrigley’s Spearmint. In this respect the order for the “Big Bag” is almost an honor. I was also allowed to dress Barbie. Oh, how I loved Barbie and her 360 professions! This is not work, but real pleasure.


With a thermoset of tea, two cups, and excited for conversation I meet Guido Maria Kretschmer for the interview

MS: Juror, moderator of several TV shows, advertisement star – you already have almost an omni-presence. Aren’t you afraid of wearout?
GMK: It’s not actually that much. One must not forget that this is my profession. This is my daily bread and I take care that I do not wear myself out, even if I am on on a daily basis. I get a lot of offers and could make so many much more advertisement.
MS: Are there any design requests or advertisements that you would definitely refuse?
GMK: Sanitary pads. (laughs)


Not afraid of wearout: Designer and TV-Star Guido Maria Kretschmer

MS: How about a tea?
GMK: Wonderful. That fits well to my fasting cure, which unfortunately no one notices on me. So much money I already spent on starvation in my life. (laughs)
MS: I am always very happy when I come across an enthusiastic tea drinker like you, who does not order a coffee first thing in the morning.
GMK: I never drink coffee, only tea. However, I forgo black tea and prefer natural tea like peppermint and herbal teas. And I like very much chamomile and Verveine. My secret tip is Turkish apple tea. If I’m lucky, I get a cup of fresh tea in the morning served to bed. The evening ends with a cup of tea. Actually, my whole life is tea.


“I can always start the morning with a green tea. If I drink something warm, it’s tea.”

MS: I also largely forgo black tea …
GMK: Black is not so healthy either. And also stains the teeth. No one needs that. My parents have always animated me, Guido, drink, drink, drink. The only thing I like about coffee is the scent. When Frank* is cooking his coffee in the morning, I always smell it.
MS: What does not come into your cup?
GMK: Everything that is not organically grown. I sat next to a tea-tester on the plane, who told me how many chemicals are in normal teas. So I rather drink my Ayurveda tea and know what I have in the cup. It is best to use a thin teacup, which cools the tea faster.


“What does not come into your cup, Guido?”

MS: Ups, I’m sorry to offer you the tea in this thick mug …
GMK: If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have brought some cups (laughs). I have two very nice teacups. In case of doubt, I also drink the tea from a bowl, the main thing is tea …
MS: With sugar?
GMK: No, if at all with honey. Although I like the cracking of the candy, when the hot tea is poured in.



MS: What do you think of detoxing?
GMK: Oh, basically nothing. It does not matter if you detoxify with all these little means, if you forget your soul and your heart and are not in harmony with yourself. The greatest poison of our time is stupidity, insincerity, greed, envy – many things come together. Unfortunately, no herb is growing to help with this.
MS: Are you talking about politics here?
GMK: My grandmother always said that the only thing that is justly distributed in life is stupidity. I think there is something to it. The people want to eat falafel or sushi, but the people from whose countries the food come, they do not want. We cannot separate from the rest of the world. We live in a time when it is important to persevere. People are waiting for a new car on a monthly basis and expect that within three months a solution will be found in the complex refugee debate. I think it is our duty to get involved and to be collective. We would also wish to be accepted if we were in this situation! Tolerance and humanity, just in the present time, that is lacked by many. By the way, there is also the fasting time to free oneself from evil.


Guido Maria Kretschmer and I in his Berlin atelier

MS: Are you consistently following the fasting time?
GMK: Yes, all the time.
MS: Are you Catholic?
GMK: Yes, but not so passionately. (laughs)
MS: What are you doing first when the fasting period is over?
GMK: I eat a pizza. Actually, I never eat pizza, but since I fast, I always think of pizza with anchovies.
MS: And how much did you lose?
GMK: I don’t use the scale, but my goal is to fit again into my smallest blazer.

guido maria kretschmer _mystylery_meet_me_for_tea_interview_-1

“I am super-made for relaxation”, says Guido Maria Kretschmer. After the relaxed interview, I believe that immediately!

MS: I keep my fingers crossed. Are you such a gourmand?
GMK: Oh yes (laughs). Everything baked nice with butter top, more I do not need. I chew and get down. I just love chewing way too much. Thank God, I also eat carrots. Food relaxes me. Unfortunately, I often eat late in the evening and so at the wrong time.
MS: Can you relax with all the hustle and bustle?
GMK: I am super-made for relaxation, love the country and my farm, am in the garden with our three dogs. I read a lot and like to do weekend trips. We were in Einthoven, Liège and Budapest. Frank always says it’s so nice when we walk through the streets and shops and I can look straight because I’m not recognized. This is no longer possible in the Berlin KaDeWe. BvH

*The painter Frank Mutters is the longtime life partner and husband of Guido Maria Kretschmer

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