For a tea with actress Sophia Thomalla

Who: Sophia Thomalla, Actress & Model
Where: Berlin

Drinking a tea with Sophia Thomalla

Sophia Thomalla is always good for a surprise. The 27-year-old just had her breast implants removed. Health is the most important thing to her. Her ample D became a discreet B. Last year, the beautiful actress spontaneously married rocker Andy LaPlegua, although she is actually the long-term girlfriend of Rammstein star Till Lindemann. As explosive as the headlines are, so versatile is glibly Sophia when it comes to business. Yesterday winner of the RTL dance contest ‘Let’s Dance’, today a shoot in sexy leather clothes, tomorrow the presentation of a tattoo show. In between I meet the native Berliner for a tea.

Sophia Thomalla MyStylery

I meet Sophia during a photo shooting for the leather brand Freaky Nation

MyStylery: Sophia, your leather cloths remind a bit of the shooting in which Oliver Rath staged you as a dominatrix. Germany’s largest daily newspaper BILD thereupon headlined: ‘Sophia is the hottest in the whole country’. The Bunte people magazine said that it ‘Slowly gets embarrassing’. Does that affect you?
Sophia Thomalla: No, not at all. It rather amuses me. Photos are basically a matter of taste. And this kind of reporting is part of the career. You can’t be everybody’s darling.
MS: Bunte magazine obviously seemed concerned about you and asked, whether ‘she ran out of ideas’…
ST (laughs): Don’t worry; I will always come up with something new. I have so many ideas; they would last for several lives. Last year, I signed two new marketing deals. For three months I had the best broadcasting time on RTL as juror at DanceDanceDance and this year I am the advertising face for a new project on TV. One year ago in July my first own Primetime-Moderation ‘Pain and Fame’, a tattoo show, started on Sixx. I really cannot complain.

“Your favorite designer? “Gucci, Plein and Balmain are great, I also have ten euro dresses. The look is crucial, not the price.”

MS: There are many people out there who regret their tattoos they got as a proof of love. For example Heidi Klum’s Seal is still visible on her arm.
ST: I don’t regret any of my tattoos. No matter of the separation rumors. If at all, then it is the tattoo with the portrait of my mother, which I sometimes question, when she once again annoys me motherly (laughs).
MS: Which parts of your body would you not ink?
ST: I personally think that tattoos on women’s legs don’t look beautiful. Hands are also out of the question. Who knows, maybe I’m once going to moderate a political show, then a tattooed neck wouldn’t look so good either.


MS: The fans are expecting you in sexy outfits when you run over the red carpet. Do you have the feeling that you cannot wear anything normal anymore without disappointing them?
ST: I never let myself be put under pressure. It is not about the shock factor, I simply choose what I like. Besides, I do not particularly like long robes. They are usually extremely uncomfortable and I don’t think that I’m generally the type for dresses anyways.
MS: How do you deal with external criticism?
ST: You need a thick skin. At the moment when I comment on explosive political issues, the protest on social media platforms is already pre-programmed. And yet many people don’t know the difference between criticism and insult: You have horny tits but cannot think. I immediately delete such and even worse comments that are ‘below the belt line’. Otherwise, I can thoroughly handle criticism.

“Each of my 20 tattoos has a meaning to a piece of my life and is linked to an own story.”

MS: Meanwhile on Instagram almost 600,000 followers take an active interest of your life. With those offensive photos you accentuate your image. That’s strategy, isn’t it?
ST: Most of the pictures arise within the moment. And I enjoy when pictures polarize.
MS: Are not you concerned that deals or roles will be affected as a result?
ST: No, not at all. Even if I’m sometimes getting a bit hyphy across, I know the rules, I keep to the agreements, do not insult people, respect the law …
MS: By the way, you were driving without a valid drivers license. What has become of it?
ST: I had a psychological aptitude test last year. In this case I’ve actually caused real trouble. And I personally learned from it. I can only tell anyone, don’t do it. What a stress!

First of all, a tea!

MS: How about a cup of tea now?
ST: Yes please. I always need my coffee in the morning with lots of sugar and milk but try to relinquish it during the day. Otherwise you drink ten of such things and end up with 2,000 calories on the clock. It usually has to go fast. If necessary, a paper cup with tea bag is also okay. I also love fresh mint and detox tea. Even the name alone makes me feel better. Suddenly the face gets toned and you lose a lot of water (laughs).
MS: Is detox a topic for you?
ST: Yes, of course. After all I’m eventually heading towards the thirties (laughs). I hate getting older. I also want to eat and drink as much as I like. Sport alone does not help.

“As a child, my favorite drink was the cocoa that my mother cooked for me. Tea wasn’t an issue at the time.”

MS: You are a family man and love the country life …
ST: Yes that’s right. We regularly drive to Mecklenburg near Schwerin, together with my mother, grandparents and friends. And our dogs: a Chihuahua, a Maltese and a Labrador – all mixed-breed dogs. Not to forget the stuffed animal from my mother (laughs).
MS: You surprise me. Isn’t it too boring for you out there?
ST: It is wonderful, especially spending the great holidays like Easter, Whitsun and Christmas on the countryside. My mother is a great cook and sauce-specialist, who is standing in the kitchen all day long. From time to time I check out the pots. For me this is the most beautiful variety out there. Especially when you are on the road so much. The air is so different, I feel like I can finally catch a breath again. In the summer I lie in my hammock and doze all day long. Gumboots and a windbreaker, I do not need more.  BvH

Thanks for the open interview, dear Sophia!

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