Doggie’s noble shopping paradise

Who: Claudia Weidung-Anders
Where: Klostergut Besselich, Germany


Pure idyll: Since one year Claudia Weidung-Anders resides in Klostergut Besselich in Urbar near Koblenz with her showroom ‘Home & Dogs’ *

Do you know that feeling when you enter a shop thinking, wow, how beautiful, I wanna have it all! Such a burst of buying power came over me when visiting ‘Home & Dogs’ in the Klostergut Besselich, a noble manor near Koblenz in southern Germany. Lovingly arranged and decorated for Christmas, Claudia Weidung-Anders – wife of popstar Thomas Anders – presents her assortments. Here, two- and four-legged friends will find everything their hearts desire, from a dressing gown to the dog lead. A conversation amongst dog owners and interior fans with tea and biscuits (dog-shaped, of course).


Thomas and Claudia Anders with mongrel dog Summer on Klostergut Besselich. The popstar supportes his wife with her company ‘Home & Dogs’

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Room fragrances and scented candles adjusted to the Christmas season

MyStylery: It smells lovely in here – and clearly not of dog food …
Claudia Weidung-Anders: Yes, right? We just unpacked the candles with Christmas scent. They provide a good feeling of space.

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At ‘Home & Dogs’, the visitor awaits Christmas atmosphere

MS: Originally it was your business idea to prepare own dog food. Sounds like a pretty big endeavor…
CWA: True, it took a while until I found the right partners. But the suffering of my dog drove me on. Summer (dog’s name) had an intolerance to conventional dog food and thus stomach and digestive problems. Our food is made with a gently cooking method in a 100% foodquality and is free of gluten and grain. The varieties are very well appreciated, the dogs love the food.

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Lets dogs’ hearts beat faster: Savory treats – gluten and wheat free – by ‘Pepper’s Choice’. Or how about baked liverwurst bones by ‘Omas Hundekekse’ (grandma’s dog biscuits)?

MS: Now your product range includes things for dog and owner. How did this idea about such combination come about?
CWA: Actually, my customers put me up to this. The dog’s mat should be compatible with the furnishing. The maritime Sylt- (German island) and modern country house looks are currently trendy and very popular. And I love to be at the fairs, tracing beautiful things. Much inspiration I get on our journeys. We travel a lot.

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The ‘Home & Dogs’ dog basket series ‘Classic luxury’ is equipped with washable covers and matching ball and playing-bone of the same material

MS: Certainly one of the reasons why, in addition to a large selection of baskets, ‘Home & Dogs’ even offers a dog travelling bed.
CWA: Right. But even dog leads are an important issue, and I’ve been searching for matching items for a long time. Bling-bling with rhinestones is completely out of the question (laughs).

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Here only the Advent decoration glitters: Christmas feeling for dogs and owners in the ‘Home & Dogs’ Showroom

MS: Summer is a mongrel dog, which you got from a Spanish pound. Which dog would you not want have?
CWA: I basically like all dogs. In fact, animals from the animal welfare are particularly close to my heart. Especially the mixes are often the most fantastic characters. I Love Weimaraner, they are so pretty, but motion and time-consuming. That has to be considered when a dog comes into the house. Dogs should be kept appropriately regarding their species.

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The dog food is available in eight varieties with resealable lids and in three different packaging sizes. The bestsellers: ‘poultry with rice’ and ‘beef with potatoes’. Yummy!

MS: Absolutely. Apropos: ‘Kangaroo with pumpkin’ or ‘horse with carrots’ sound rather exotic: Has a two-legged ever tried ‘Home & Dogs’ dog food?
CWA (laughs): Yes, I myself. I gotta know what I’m selling.  BvH

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Did you already get an Advent calendar for your doggies?

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Claudia Weidung-Anders has adapted to the needs of both dog and owner. Whether round, square, with border or exit: The range of baskets and dog beds serve all sleeping-preferences

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“Dog leads – for example by Cloud7 – should be practical and look good at the same time. The leather must be durable and soft in the hand.”

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Nice items for the bathroom from ‘Amélie & Mélanie’

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The mistress will find cozy homewear and pretty decoration. Help, what should I get?

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… presented in a beautiful countrystyle-look

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New to the assortment are the cashmere-collections from ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘MAP Ibiza’ for the mistress. I go for the comfortable casual wear by ‘Cornelie Weiss’

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I admit it, for my two four-legged friends Franz and Willi – a Labrador and a Parson Terrier – it’s always got be the best. That’s why I just belong here!

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This cozy cushions would look great on my sofa


On all Saturdays of Advent, the ‘Home & Dogs’ showroom has open from 11:00 – 17:00 o’clock.

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Okay, I take the wooden dog-decoration, too


Home & Dogs
Claudia Weidung-Anders
Klostergut Besselich
56182 Urbar, Germany

Open from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 13:30
Saturday and Sunday by appointment


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From the dog lead to the basket – the range now includes more than 500 different products, which can also be ordered via the online shop

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Bye bye, Klostergut Besselich! I’ll be back 🙂



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Featured pic by Nikolaj Georgiew

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