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What: Daunt Books, Bookshop
Where: London

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The original store of Daunt books can be found on Marylebone High Street, which is my absolute fav shopping address in London*

One of my absolute favorite bookshops in the world is Daunt Books in London. Here time seems to be frozen. And this is because of the impressing interior, not because of an obsolete structure or little to offer. On the contrary, Daunt books offer a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books and an even bigger selection of travel books. Founded in 1990, there are five other stores located across the city: on Marylebone High Street, in Chelsea, Holland Park, Cheapside, Hampstead and Belsize Park. But to me the store on Marylebone High Street housed within a beautiful old Edwardian building is the most impressive one.

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Even though Daunt Books has six different stores it is still an independent bookshop, which needs customers support. So next time you need to buy a travel- or coffeetable book, go to Daunt Books to live a true experience

Specialized in travel literature, the way Daunt arranges the books is particularly interesting. For a single country, guides, but also phrase books, history books, fiction and non-fiction books are gathered together. This is kind of unusual but I prefer this clever arrangement a lot.

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Although Daunt Books aren’t only travel bookshops, they are specialized in travel literature

Daunt pride themselves on old-fashioned service and extensive knowledge. The store’s owner James Daunt refuses to sell books he wouldn’t read himself. If you need a little rest of turbulent London life, enjoy the calm and distinguished atmosphere in here. It’s like a time journey, there’s nothing more pleasant than whiling away an hour or two. BvH

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Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street is replete with oak bookcases stacked, quite literally, to the ceiling


The selection of guides is wide to please a large audience, from Lonely Planet to Wallpaper with many in between*


Daunt Books
83 Marylebone High Street
London W1U 4QW, England


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