Hotspot in Vienna: Zum Schwarzen Kameel

What: Zum Schwarzen Kameel, Pub & Restaurant
Where: Vienna, Austria


‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel’: A stylish classic of the Viennese gastronomy*

A trip to Vienna without visiting the restaurant ‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel’ (‘Black Camel’) simply doesn’t work out. Legendary and elegant are the words that describe the ‘Black Camel’ very well, one of the classics of the Viennese gastro-scene, which is still pretty hip. Tourists feel magically attracted to the place and sit outside even during this season in the so-called ‘Schanigarten’ under radiant heaters with a glass of two eights of wine. But the truly hip-factor are the Viennese people themselves, who love this institution and like to come by for an after-hour drink at the food stall and enjoy their lives at deafening, surrounding noise.

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Still present: the logo of the black camel, which has been designed and drawn by the painter Georg Waldmüller in the 19th century

Already founded in 1618 as a spice shop by Johann Cameel, the ‘Black Camel’ is located in the middle of the first district, less than five minutes apart from the Stephansdom. In the beginning of the 20th century the house in the Bognergasse has been rebuild. And the current interior still dates back to this time. Wood paneling, the showcases, the bar and especially the furnishings of the restaurant are hundred years old. A historical gem with its beautifully Art Nouveau.

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I choose from the patisserie: Sachertorte (Sacher cake), apple strudel and raspberry tart and a delicious Darjeeling-Tea

The filled ‘Semmeln’ (sandwiches) of the ‘Black Camel’ were already popular at grandfather’s time. If you prefer quietness and coziness go to the adjacent restaurant, and you’ll indulge in Art Nouveau interior and order something from the in-house – incidentally delicious – patisserie. Or you choose from the menu: from roast beef to goose liver, caviar or bio-salmon: bon appetite or how you would say in Vienna: An Guadn! BvH


Allegedly Ludwig van Beethoven already enjoyed a Green Veltliner with a ham sandwich at this place*


The name of the restaurant dates back to the name of its founder Johann Cameel, who opened a spice shop in 1618*


The menu changes on a monthly basis. There are additional, daily menus that are offered in the afternoon and evening*


Restaurant-institution Erna Lenhardt presents the ‘Beinschinken-Semmel’ (ham and fresh-grated horseradish sandwiches) – a snack-classic. For over 50 years the ‘Beinschinken’ (ham) is produced after a family recipe*

Art Nouveau at its best


Looking for some christmas gifts? ‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel‘ includes an extensive wine store with a wine list of 800 national and international wines plus a deli*


The restaurant* …

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… surrounded in a beautiful Art Nouveau-ambiance

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The legendary pub ‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel’ is located in the middle of the old city of Vienna


Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Bognergasse 5
1010 Vienna, Austria

Featured photo and pics marked* by ‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel’

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