The Guerlain Spa Waldorf Astoria

What: Guerlain Spa Waldorf Astoria
Where: Berlin, Germany

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All Guerlain Spas are equipped with elegant crystal decorations. The guest chooses between classical cosmetic and anti-aging treatments. There’re also Gym-, Pilates- and Yoga-offers

Are you still looking for a special present for your best friend or simply want to relax after the stressful advent time or the upcoming feast days? Then I have the ultimate tip for you: a Spa-Treatment in the Guerlain Spa Waldorf Astoria Berlin – plunge, immerse, dream.

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Before and after the treatment, Laura serves me a cup of tea

In the middle of the pre-Christmassy advent hurly-burly a heaven of silence welcomes me in the luxury hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin – opposite the Memorial Church and the Zoo train station. Lots of spas exist in the dark vaults. However the Guerlain Spa in the Waldorf Astoria resides at about a 1,000 square meters, light flooded fifth floor with a view over the city. Each of the lavish rooms has daylight, which both people and employees appreciate a lot.

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My personal changing room with my own, private bath

A spa treatment at Guerlain Spa Waldorf Astoria Berlin is a journey into another world. At the wardrobe I’m getting rid of my coat and the other ballast. I drink a tea and choose under the Guerlain perfumes the traditional scent Shalimar, which accompanies me during my stay.

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Welcome to the footbath- and relaxation lounge

In my personal changing room with my own, private bathroom I cuddle myself into a fluffy bathrobe of the brand Boco Terry and am first led into a footbath-lounge. After the footbath it gets onwards into the treatment room that is held in comfortable, warm colors. And of course it smells like Shalimar.

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At first my feet are getting bathed …

My today’s fairy godmothers name is Laura and she indulges me with a 1½ hours facial treatment – the Complete Facial – with Guerlain products, which includes a cleaning, a peeling, massage, mask and Hyaluron-eye pads. They work true miracles! In the end I get a light day makeup and am again ready for the outerworld. Unfortunately. Because my scent-journey is over and I have to go back to the wild life of Berlin. BvH

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… and then massaged by Laura

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This is where I’m getting spoiled: one of the six treatment rooms with body- and facial treatments. A big plus: every treatment room disposes of daylight

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Whilst Laura’s applied moisturizing mask spoils my skin, I dream myself onto another planet

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In the end I get a light day makeup and am again ready for the outerworld

Tip I:

So much luxury has its price: the Complete Facial costs 170 Euros. The price includes the usage of the thermal spa area. For hotel guests the Guerlain Spa costs 15 Euros per day. The spa area is inclusive if you book an application from 60 minutes onwards. External guests use the thermal bath in connection with a booked application for a surcharge of 40 Euros. There is no need for an extra charge from a 90 minutes application onwards. It’s best to book during the week, then the thermal bath won’t be crowded.

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A Vichy-shower is also offered – for everyone, who likes a showering-off whilst lying – as well as a bathtub for hydrotherapy

Tip II:

‘Beauty Revelation’ is a combination of facial- and body treatment, exclusively created by Guerlain for the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin. During the whole body massage, muscle relaxation and manual lymphatic drainage are combined.

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A pool shaped as a cloud: the thermal bath presents itself like a heavenly kingdom with sauna, steam bath, ice-fountain and adventure showers …

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… and a whirlpool

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This is where it goes to the sun deck in the sixth floor with a view over Berlin

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The Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria Berlin is the only one in Germany. Here you can see the lobby with comfy chairs

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One is more beautiful than the other: The Guerlain perfume flacons with classics like Shalimar, Chamade, Aqua Allegoria or La Petite Robe

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The Guerlain products

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Afterwards I feel deeply relaxed and visibly refreshed


Guerlain Spa Waldorf Astoria
Hardenbergstraße 28, 10623 Berlin
+49 (0)30 814000-2950

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