A perfect day in Vienna

What: Places to go and Insidertips
Where: Vienna, Austria

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The Christkindlmarkt am Rathaus and the sparkling sea of lights

I just came back from Vienna and I can only say: what a wonderful and beautiful city. Especially now during the Christmas season it seems like a magical atmosphere you cannot get rid of. Strolling over the Christmas markets in front of historical backdrops like the town hall or castle Schönbrunn, warming oneself up at café Central or café Landtmann whilst drinking a hot chocolate (of course with cream!), marvelling at the festively decorated streets Herrengasse or Graben … Vienna offers a lot more than that. I will tell you my favourite tips.

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The ‚Motto am Fluss’ in the ship station of the Donau river with restaurant and café

For breakfast go to the Donau. The café ‚Motto am Fluss‘ is perfect for every late riser – you can have breakfast until 4 pm and meanwhile enjoy the view on the water of the river. The foundation for my upcoming day: scrambled eggs with homemade bread and yummy-guacamole.

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Scrambled eggs with homemade bread and yummy-guacamole

From there I start my shopping tour: I’m heading towards the big streets like Tuchlauben and small side streets around the Stephansplatz. It’s a must see, also because of the impressive lightening. Tip: have a look at boutique ‘Inked’ with labels like Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, Vince or Vanessa Bruno.


Inked Boutique in the center of Vienna

At Albertina you can see the Edvard Munch exhibition until the 24th of January 2016 (later more). Even the Habsburger Prunkräume (the Habsburg’s rooms) can be compared with an opulent orgy and are a great alternative to the Sissi apartments in the Hofburg, where you’ll always find long queues.

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Mecca of art: The Albertina

After so much art I need a snack. No, I’m NOT going to opposite Café Mozart or in the neighbouring Café Sacher: I choose the Tirolerhof, a true insider tip and one of the last institutions under the coffee houses, in which one will meet true Viennese people. Including grumpy waiters.


A Viennese coffee house legend: The Tirolerhof

Apropos: my Viennese friend Yella recommends the tiny restaurant ‚Zum Johann‘ at Lerchenfelderstraße, the demarcation line between seventh and eighth district. There, ex-advertiser and passionate man-in-the-kitchen Gregor Panis serves delicious small dishes, including small talk and meetings with the regular guests. And of course everyone is from Vienna. Tip: call and order in advance.

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Zum Johann‘: fine cuisine at only 20 square meters. Since one year Gregor Panis serves Austrian specialities – prior from the ‘Bucklige Welt’ and selected wines. Every Wednesday is mother’s day. Then Gregors mother cooks, for example stuffed peppers

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‘Gemüsepfanne’ with zucchini, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, parsnips, tomatoes, squash and freshly picked rosemary. Served with yogurt sour cream: Delicious!

My trip continues by walking into the seventh district, the home of the youngsters and those young at heart in chic old buildings. Here you’ll find trendy cafés and restaurants, nice little shops and a harmonic Christmas market at Spittelberg that goes around Stift- and Gutenberggasse. I stroll through the Burggasse and discover Eva-Maria Thalhammers pop up-store at Gutenberggasse, who presents antiques and beautiful things in shabby-chic atmosphere until the end of December.

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The purest treasure trove: Eva-Maria Thalhammer in her Pop Up-Store

At Westbahnstraße I find the Epicerie ‘Un Jour en France’ and the boutique ‘Comerc’ and so I end up in another café – yes, this is how it works when you’re in Vienna – the ‘Toma tu Tiempo’ with a Spanish menu and a small, cosy oven.

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The Café ‘Toma tu Tiempo‘ in the Zieglergasse in the seventh district

The day ends like it started. Nearly. Because then I go to ‘Motto’ again. But this time I go to the newly renovated restaurant-dependence in the fifth district. Dining in ultra-chic ambient, drinking and dancing (later in the evening), elegant, hip people. The food (for example the curry with vegetables and bio-chicken or the three falafels) is simply delicious, although the service could be better. It was still a wonderful evening in a marvellous city. BvH

motto wien

Behind an inconspicuous door you’ll find the legend of a restaurant: Motto. 2015 it was completely new designed and is now super trendy. Photo: Motto

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The Motto, a place for night owls, who like to come for the legendary beef tatar or the baked ham pasta

motto wien 2

Shabby chic, raw charm of industry and bare walls meet comfortable benches in a rich tone of green. Photo: Motto

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A little bit of Spain in the seventh district …

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… in the ‘Toma tu Tiempo

Having the honor

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France is just around the corner on the Westbahnstraße: The Epicerie ‘Un jour en France

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Rip, rip with the credit card at the ‘Comerc‘ Store

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Eldorado for nostalgics in the antique shop on the Westbahnstraße

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Pop Up-Store in the Gutenberggasse …

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… with lovingly selected ancient artefacts and rarities

Vienna, only you …

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There are lots of traditional Viennese Coffee Houses in the centre of the city, but only a few that aren’t tourist traps:

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… exposed but somehow still hidden: the Café Tirolerhof. Not a really big name, no attraction, nearly an insider tip

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The Habsburg’s rooms at the ‘Albertina‘. In addition, the Albertina contains one of the most important graphic collections in the world

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Me and the tree: When Archduchess Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg, wife of Archduke Karl, was planning the first Christmas in the audience hall of her palatial residential palace, today the Albertina, she decided to continue with the Protestant custom of a “Grass Tree” in Vienna because of her six children

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Hall of the Muses at Albertina

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Since 2007, the Habsburg’s rooms radiate after renovation in new splendor

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The ‘Spanish apartment’ was created in 1895 as a permanent residence of the Spanish royal family, who lodged here until 1918 during her frequent stays in Vienna

… Shall be the city of my dreams

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One of the most stylish interior shops in Vienna: Eva-Maria Thonet in the first district

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The Hofburg with the apartments of Empress Sissi

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Impressive Christmas lights in the Inner City. Here: Graben …

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… and the Herrengasse

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Popular – and therefore well attended – the Christmas market in front of a historic backdrop: Schloss Schönbrunn. Tip: Avoid weekends and go during the week!

Just a perfect day!

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Restaurant ‘Motto am Fluss‘ with outdoor deck …

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… and Café …

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In this furnace, the mega-delicious Marianne-bread is baked! Sooooo good!

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And because MyStylery loves the ‘motto’ so much, here again is another view! 😉

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Bye bye ‘Motto’, see you soon Vienna!


Café Motto am Fluss
Franz Josefs Kai 2
1010 Wien
(Between Marienbrücke and Schwedenbrücke)
www. mottoamfluss.at

Schönbrunner Straße 30
1050 Wien

Boutique Inked
Bauernmarkt 15 & 16
1010 Wien

Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Wien

Führichgasse 8
1010 Wien

Zum Johann
Lerchenfelderstraße 104
1080 Wien

Toma tu Tiempo
Zieglergasse 44
1070 Wien

Un jour en France
Westbahnstraße 9
1070 Wien
Comerc Store
Westbahnstraße 20
1070 Wien

Schloss Schönbrunn
Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47
1130 Wien
Featured pic by Motto

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