Edvard Munch-Exhibition in Vienna

What: Edvard Munch Exhibition – Love, Death and Loneliness
Where: Albertina, Vienna, Austria


Edvard Munch – Love, Death and Loneliness – the exhibition takes place until the 24th of January*

I am an art lover and an avowed hater of the cold. So what shall one do whilst the current onset of winter in Vienna, when even the thoughts of cold lead to goose pimples?
I recommend visiting the Albertina, which accommodates one of the most significant graphical art collections in the world.


Edvard Munch: ‘Two people. The loneliness’ (1899)*

Here you can see the Edvard Munch-exhibition ‘Liebe, Tod und Einsamkeit’ (Love, Death and Loneliness) which takes place until the 24th of January. And this is definitely worth seeing, because more than 100 important works of the Norwegian artist and big protagonist of the Modern Art can be admired, including The Scream, Madonna, The Kiss and Melancholia. All exhibits of the show come from the worldwide biggest private collection of Edvard Munch’s master-prints.


Klaus Albrecht Schröder, director of the Albertina Vienna above the famous ‘Scream’: “Munch found a figure that stands for the fear of the unknown, the fear of what happened and the fear of what will come.” The Scream (1895), Lithography with ink

I think it was interesting to see the insights into Munch’s experimental, graphical approaches and the idea behind it, to increase edition and income, like the motto art = commerce. Munch’s life and work has been accompanied by many existential crises and breakdowns and simultaneously also by certain pragmatism: it is said that he actually used his prints as lid due to his chaotic and messy atelier. Anecdotes like this ensure that the partially morbid atmosphere didn’t ruin my mind. Conclusion: ‘Love, Death and Loneliness’ is a must for all art-enthusiasts. By the way it’s also worth going on a sunny day, as one will have all the rooms and art works nearly for oneself alone. BvH


As precursor and pioneer of the expressionism, Edvard Munch describes the transience and the disappearance of the individual in the age of the industrialization. ‘Tingeltangel’ (1895), Lithography, handcolored


Isn’t it strange that Munch dedicated this painting to a piece of jewelry – even the woman is the eye catcher, right? ‘The Brooch – Eva Mudocci’ (1903), Lithography


Another beauty: ‘Madonna’ (1895/1902), Colored Lithography


The ‘Madonna’. In this painting with ferocious looking embryo and – ups – sperms at the image border*


‘Fear’ (1896), Lithography: Works like ‘Fear’ illustrate Munch’s intensive confrontation with loneliness, love and death. A little bit scary, isn’t it?*


Edvard Munch’s painting and graphic count to the absolute art-highlights of the turn of the century. Here ‘Moonlight I’ (1899 / 1906 – 1914), woodcut*


Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Wien, Austria

Featured pic and pics marked* by Albertina, Wien

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