The best Schnitzel is served in Tel Aviv!

What: Restaurant Café Noir
Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

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A classic in the Tel Aviv restaurant scene: The Café Noir

“You have definitely go to Café Noir,” recommended an Israeli friend of mine. “There you get the best Schnitzel in whole Tel Aviv – and you feel like being at Borchardt’s.” Eating a good Schnitzel was really not the idea of coming to Tel Aviv. And the Borchardt restaurant feels like my second Berlin home. I love good food and like to try the local cuisine. Hopefully there are also Israeli dishes on Café Noir’s menu.

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I love to go here, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner

When Café Noir opened in 1997, the owner and founder Rafi Bader wanted to create a bistro atmosphere combining European culture with a Tel Aviv experience. The atmosphere changes with the time of the day: mornings are slow and serene, lunch is always bustling and evenings are more romantic. The menu offers classic dishes, lovingly prepared from top-notch ingredients, along with modern specials of fresh, seasonal ingredients. And I am more than happy that also Kebab and Humus are offered. But I went for the Schnitzel: the Schnitzel you can choose from veal, pork or chicken meat.


My choice: Café Noirs iconic Schnitzel

“I wanted a place of a certain period. I picture the places where my grandfather would have spent time in Italy or Paris“, says the owner Rafi Bader. “Café Noir isn’t somewhere you grow bored of. It isn’t trendy, it’s not one of those spots that come and go.“
Honestly my culinary excursion into the Café Noir has paid off. A chic and comfy bistro with cool people and fantastic food. And the Schnitzel was really fabulous! BvH

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Café Noir is a place that combines European food tradition with the tastes and atmosphere desired by a Tel Aviv clientele


Reserved in Hebrew: שמורות

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Don’t worry, the menu at Café Noir is also available in English

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The Bar: Israel is known for its excellent wines! A must try!!!

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The restaurant ‘Café Noir’ is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, where one feels the pulse of the city

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Bye bye, Café Noir. See you soon again!


Café Noir
43 Ahad Ha’am Street
Tel Aviv

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