So romantic: The Klösterle Inn in Lech

What: Klösterle, Inn
Where: Lech, Austria

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Quite a lot of snow in the Lech-valley!

Frequent Lech travelers might be familiar – but for me as a Lech newbie – this restaurant is a very special discovery – and one of the most rustic ones I found: The Klösterle, an institution among the restaurants in Lech am Arlberg, a bit of the beaten path, in the contemplative district Zug.

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That’s me in the snow infront of the beautiful mountain-landscape

Away from the buzzing ski pistes and Après-Ski-Parties, the listed building is located at the end of Zug. In the evenings it is almost too romantic to get driven from Lech to Zug in a horse-drawn sleigh by torchlight. I have booked a table for lunch at the Klösterle so I could use the nice weather for a hike into the magnificent countryside. Instead of a horse-drawn sleigh I took the bus from Lech to the last stop Zug. Not so romantic but useful. Zug is more tranquil and contemplative than Lech and therefore a welcome change. At the so-called Lechquellengebiet (The region around the Lech river-source) I walk around a little, and from time to time sit down at a bench and enjoy the amazing view of the mountain scenery.

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Starving? Then you are right here!

So much fresh air generates hunger. Generally while in the mountains I feel like I could eat all the time. Do you feel the same?
With a lot of lovingly details and furnished with old farm furniture the Klösterle looks exactly how you imagine a cabin in the mountains: flat ceilings in the wood paneled parlors, brawny tiled fireplaces and sheltered shrines, plaid curtains and tablecloths. In the afternoon the Klösterle is not as strongly frequented as in the evenings – nevertheless I still recommend to book a table. The lunch menu is small and down-to-earth. We are a group of three and start with a ‘Brotzeit’. After we asked the very friendly waiter to convince the chef to prepare one of the famous – and how it turned out amazingly delicious – cheese fondues, the day seemed to be successful.

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The parlor of the original preserved Walser house, a historical blockhouse, whose name is ascribable to the ethnic group of the Walser

The Klösterle is special in every respect. The first time the original maintained ‘Walserhaus’ has been mentioned in documents in 1554 and it is led today by Lore Schneider. It is only opened from December to April. After that the entire household goods, furniture and tableware are being packed up, because during the summer months the building is being used as a farm.
Very satisfied and with a big lump of cheese fondue in my stomach I hike the 4.1 kilometers back to Lech and enjoy the magnificent view at the panoramic trail. BvH

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The Klösterle is a bit of the beaten path, in the contemplative district Zug

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Come on in!

Pure romance

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Attention to detail …

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… wherever you look at

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The legendary inn offers down-to-earth delicacies during the day and ‘Grosses Pièces’ and fondue at night: The fondue is so yummy and usually only on the dinner menu – lucky me!

So yummy: the cheese fondue

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Innkeeper Lore Schneider collects old pewter plates

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Careful with the low doors:

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… watch your head!

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Also delicious and my personal favorite of the cakes: The Sachertorte!

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Cozyness in the Herrgottswinkel

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Good for stomach and digestion is warm tea after the fondue – much better than a “Schnaps”

Not only for VIPs

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Interesting who else has been a guest here: Singer Udo Jürgens …

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… even Prince Ernst August of Hannover – then still accompanied by wife Caroline of Monaco – has already been here

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The listed architectural beauty belongs to one of the most exclusive locations at the Arlberg

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Reflecting landscapes

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The Klösterle is the starting and ending point for walks into the ‘Lechquellengebiet’ or a romantic drive with the horse-drawn sleigh

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The blue sky competing against the freshly fallen snow from last night, in addition the incredible silence: you can’t get any more meditation!


Zug 27 in Zug
+43 (5583) 3190


December to April: Wed – Mon, 2 pm to 5.30 pm, from 7 pm with reservation only

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