The Mendeli Street Hotel in Tel Aviv

What: Mendeli Street Hotel
Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

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How about a welcome drink at the bar?

Did I ever mention that I was working as a flight attendant for Deutsche Lufthansa years ago? I started on short distances flights on B737, followed by worldwide trips on Jumbojet later on. One of my favourite destinations was Tel Aviv and a real adventure those days. Meanwhile things have changed and I was really excited when I had the chance to visit this fascinating city again recently.

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Bugrashov Beach and Frishman Beach are around the corner and to Dizengoff shopping mall it’s a 15 minutes walk

I fell completely in love with Tel Aviv when I went there a couple of month ago. While organizing the trip, many questions popped up and I really had no idea about the dimensions of this buzzling city, where to go and where to stay. So I decided for a boutique hotel, located on the corner of the famous Ben Yehuda Street and close to almost everything – even to the one of the best beaches of Tel Aviv, the Frishman Beach. The Mendeli Street Hotel – a 66-room establishment on a quiet side street – is only a two minute walk away from the beach. It opened already in the 1960s as the Adiv Hotel, and since than it is family-run. Four years ago, the owner family decided to renovate the entire building – an endeavor that took until now.

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Me sitting in one of the most stylish outdoor-chairs I have ever seen

The result is a feast to the eyes: The Mendeli Street Hotel presents itself as a modern, stylish facility that is both sleek and homey, with careful attention paid to every detail. Stressing light and airy surroundings with cosy seating areas on attractive wood furnishings and hardwood floors, the hotel entices guests to be seduced by their surroundings.

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The bright rooms are equipped with everything I expect from a hotel in its class

The attention to details is evident in every aspect of the hotel’s service, from a warm welcome at the front desk to a personal escort by a staff member to the room. Everything in the rooms is pristine, tasteful and contemporary. Make sure to book a Superior room, because the Standard rooms are pretty small. For that the bathroom in the Deluxe room is spacious and luxurious, featuring the largest shower space I have ever seen. But the real highlight of the Mendeli’s has nothing to do with sleeping: It’s the breakfast.

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The real highlight? The breakfast!!!

It’s by far the best breakfast I have ever had – served in the large, open dining area by a friendly staff, who serves freshly squeezed juice and any beverage of your choice. You can order all kinds of egg dishes and combine it with innovative salads of greens or fresh fruit, a whole section of goat cheese and goat milk products, including bottles of yogurt, some with strawberries or raspberries, accompanied by individually wrapped packages of homemade granola. Don’t miss the fresh tartes, strudels and doughnuts. Conclusion: Here no wishes remain unfulfilled – I swear! BvH

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Here no wishes remain unfulfilled

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By the way, Mendeli Street Hotel is a non kosher hotel

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The restaurant area with stressing light, airy surroundings and green jungle walls

Airy surroundings

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The hotel offers air-conditioned accommodation with free Wi-Fi

I fell completely in love with Tel Aviv

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I like this design … what do you think?

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Homey atmosphere in the Deluxe room

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Bye bye Mendeli Street Hotel – I’ll be back soon!


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