New design trends from the Salone del Mobile

What: Salone del Mobile, Design Fair
Where: Milan, Italy


The light-flooded hall architecture of Fiera Milano is an eye catcher by itself

Each year Milano gets into a state of excitement. Exhibitors and fair visitors from around the world invade the city of fashion and Campari, the room prices of the fully booked hotels triple or even quadruple, the popular restaurants are completely over booked in advance anyhow, taxis are scarce goods and there are practically no parking spaces anywhere. Instead, the crowded pavements are full with beautiful and stylish people. Already on the evening before the official opening of the Salone del Mobile – the most important design fair in Europe – Milano is a party.

My-Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Mailand_ Team7

Let me touch this quickly: Is this really wood?

The noble boutiques on the Via della Spiga or Montenapolone are opened ‘till late at night to celebrate their cooperation’s with premium brands of the furniture industry. The Prosecco bottles were popping and one was drinking “una Piscina” (Prosecco on ice, one of my favorite drinks). Feverish excitement lay in the air. Everybody wants to be there, when, for example the L’Uomo Vogue together with the AD-Magazine and the kitchen manufacturer Asko invite into the newly opened luxurious hotel Mandarin Oriental, where champagne is already out after an hour.


Chic velvet Chaiselong by Fratelli Boffi

That isn’t a bad thing, I say to myself, because the other days I have to be fit for the exhibition grounds, the Fiera Milano. A day at the fair is quite exhausting. Against this madness, the Way of St. James is a refreshing stroll. The 55th Salone del Monile awaits with thousands of exhibitors in 22 halls. Every other year – also in 2016 – the EuroCucina, the current kitchen trends are being exhibited as well. And the Salone del Bagno presents the new innovation in the bathroom division.


Trend: Marble in the kitchen …


… and in the bathroom. Here the luxury Italian brand Oasis

At the same time in the area around Via Tortona the parallel event Fuori Salone takes place, where international design newcomers present their designs. Former factories and warehouses, hidden backyards and lofts are becoming temporary exhibition- and party locations. The event has cult status by now and resembles a promising networking service: Many young talents have been employed from the spot by established designers.


My favorite design highlight at the Fuori Salone: The shelf ‘Dune’ by Roberto de Santi.

But what is new on the design firmament? Definitely and actually trans-sectorial is the use of wood. Wood? Which is as old as the evolution, the critics amongst you may think! Right. But – as so often – it is the combination of different materials. Let’s start with the EuroCucina: There is not one kitchen manufacturer who renounces wood. The solid wood kitchen is hip. Ciao to the clean intense, fingerprint absorbing high gloss fronts – you only play a minor role at most. Wood is the clear star. Namely rough and haptic in the natural tone of the respective type of wood. Favorite partner of the wood is – you won’t believe it – marble. And that looks mega (!!!) chic. A thick worktop from marble, that’s quite something! The mere sight of it instantaneously awakens the I-want-effect in me.


A thick worktop from marble, that’s quite something! Here a kitchen by Rossana

Wood in the bathroom area is also on the rise. It goes to the extent that toilet bowls as well as bidets are offered in wood optic. Companies, who have always put their focus towards wood, for example Team7 or Riva 1920 benefit a lot from this trend. Star designer Matteo Thun has just designed the table ‘Icon’ for Riva. He told me: “Wood is the answer to the unloving, minimalistic design of the 90ies.” I think he’s right. BvH

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Matteo Thun_

Matteo Thun and me: the full interview with the Stardesigner coming soon on MyStylery!


Don’t miss the full MyStylery interview with Matteo Thun coming next week!

Icon design Matteo Thun e Antonio Rodriguez (5)

The Walnut-Table ‘Icon’ by Riva 1920. Design: Matteo Thun


Scic cucina d’Italia in a cooperation with Fendi: Here the individual ceramic hobs are integrated directly into the marble work surfaces


The brand name says it all: Nature Design


Bath project by Edoné


The noble kitchen manufacturer Bulthaupt also focuses on wood in conjunction with marble


The tabletop of the dining table by Casamilano is – who would have thought – marble!


Beautiful kitchen by Composit made of American walnut and Emperador marble. Design: Roberto Lazzeroni


Sink and bathroom furniture made of marble

Trend materials wood and marble


For me, the most innovative brand in the furniture industry at the moment: Moroso …


… Unusual shapes combined with beautiful color combinations


The design of the German brand Rolf Benz …

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Rolf_Benz (2)_

… in reduced, Scandinavian-influenced appearance


The traditional manufacturer Thonet gave his chair classics a new look

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Ritz (1)_

Living like in a hotel?

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Ritz (2)_

This can happen with the furniture collection of the luxury hotel Ritz

Fashion meets Furniture


Can fashion designers also give kitchen equipment a new look? Dolce&Gabbana proof that it’s possible. Tadaaa: The new stove series from the company Smeg


The home-collections of the fashion designer. Here unmistakably Versace with the Medusa emblem …

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Roberto Cavalli_

… “cage”-seats by Roberto Cavalli

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Matthew Williamson_(7)_

Fashion designer Matthew Williamson has created his own line of furniture. The result is a colorful eye-catching-collection. Detailed and playful it reminds of the 50s


For Mommy’s favorite: bathtubs à la “Alice in Wonderland” for demanding offsprings – by JR.


I’m a fan of Baxter and its harmonious design idiom


Tasteful luxury: sun lounger in safari style from Baxter – frame made from copper, surface made of leather


One of the most creative minds in my opinion: star designer Patricia Urquiola in an interview with an Italian TV station …


… For Kartell she designed colorful dishes. What a pity that they are plastic – like everything from Kartell


According to the motto ‘Talking Minds’ renowned designers like Fabio Novembre and Piero Lissoni have also designed for Kartell


Triple Like: White leather chairs by Midj Italy

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_Roda _

The stand of Roda makes you want to leave


Elegant design by Munna


Always nice: the drafts of Gervasoni

My_Stylery_Salone_del_Mobile_2016_ Hermes_

The latest fabric edition of Hermès


Minotti: Not really inventive however

Impressions of the Fuori Salone

My_Stylery_Fuori_Salone (26)_1

Hilfiger Island: A normal traffic island becomes a tropical gem

My_Stylery_Fuori_Salone (9)_1

That’s the way it is

My_Stylery_Fuori_Salone (17)_1

Both, at the Salone del Mobile and the Fuori Salone there are unusual collaborations: The recently deceased Zaha Hadid designed shoes for the brand Melissa …

My_Stylery_Fuori_Salone (20)_1

… and Fiat heir Lapo Elkann created this Cinquecento for Pepsi

My_Stylery_Fuori_Salone (30)_1

Very beautiful: The ‘Big Mushrooms’ lamps by Atelier Arnout Visser

My_Stylery_Fuori_Salone (35)_1

Ciao, Fuori Salone & Salone del Mobile!

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