Bleiche Resort & Spa: About letting go and the passion for detail

What: Hotel Bleiche Resort & Spa
Where: Burg im Spreewald, Germany

The Outdoor pool of Bleiche Resort & Spa in the winter time. Of course heated…

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One and a half hours drive from Berlin, lies the Hotel Bleiche Resort & Spa in Brandenburg Spreewald. Here the outdoor pool in summer

To encapsulate right away: with this story I’m neither looking for the not yet found hair in the soup, nor am I the investigative journalist finding something previously undiscovered. This text is my personal homage to a place and its landscape, which has grown on me over the years and my many visits: the Hotel ‘Bleiche Resort & Spa’ and the Brandenburg Spreewald.

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The Bleiche is always decorated according to the season …

… here the ‘Grünes Gewölbe’-Restaurant in Christmas decoration

Every time the rumble of wooden planks wakes me up when passing the driveway to the hotel grounds and the red-white boarded wooden facade in front of me opens, when I walk into the hotel lobby and hear the splashing of the fountain, then I know: I have arrived. My Berlin-stress I leave at the front desk, am grateful to not have to fill in any incredibly long forms, or being asked for either a credit card or if I had a “pleasant journey”.
“It’s great you’re here.” Here, I don’t have to do anything. Here I simply am.

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Arrival: In the lobby of the Hotel Bleiche Resort & Spa it ripples from the impressive fountain

By now, I’ve got my little rituals, which I sometimes pursue more, sometimes less: I let myself drift, I let go, enjoy the sweet idleness. Sometimes I swim my laps in the outdoor pool before breakfast; usually I sleep till all hours. The breakfast in the ,Grünem Gewölbe’ (‘green vault’), I am celebrating extensively with seven minute egg and morning tea ‘Morgentau’. Even at 12 noon that is still possible here. I read the newspaper (which I ‘m rarely able to do at home), which I can find by my bedroom door every morning.

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Here I’m having breakfast in the ‘Grünes Gewölbe’ (Green Vault):

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I love morning tea ‘Morgentau’, seven minute egg, whole wheat bread, croissants, cheese, melon and – believe it or not – Spreewaldgurke (‘Spreewald cucumber’)

One look into the eyes of my two four-legged travelling companions and it’s decided: Off it goes into the nature, past fields and canals. The network of adjacent trails can also wonderfully be explored by biking or jogging. When it rains, I confine my outdoor activities into the hotel’s private, 17-hectare park, in which my doggies have already chased one or two balls. Then I limber up with some tea and homemade cakes, discover an interesting book title in the well-stocked book shop or exceptionally check out my mails, which is only possible in this one area, because there’s no Wi-Fi in the rooms.


Regulars Willi and Franz in the provided baskets. Here one also takes lovingly care of the four-legged guests

Then I slip into the bathrobe and keep wearing it for the time being. Here, everyone is the same wearing the bathrobes, whether they’re called Heike Makatsch, Model Eva Padberg or German actor Matthias Schweighöfer. My range of motion involved the route room – spa – room. By the way: with 5,000 square meters it is one of the largest spas in Europe. In my opinion, it’s also one of the finest.

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Swiming, while watching the crackling fire in the fireplace – where do you find something comparable?

Many spas reduce their appearance on the mere expediency, as if the applications were processed like illness certificates: indoor swimming pools with tiles up to the stop and above all a pungent smell of chlorine. In the Bleiche, it scents like fireplaces, like lumbers, herbs and apples. A treat for my nose, used to capital odors. Apart from this, there are plenty of chairs, cozy sofas, inviting sitting areas with comfortable wicker chairs, in which I do like to sink into, because a sauna, massages and Haman are well known to be quite tiring. My favorite room? Clearly and absolutely unrivaled: The ,Kräuterkammer’ (‘herbal chamber’), a around 45 degrees tempered sauna, very cozy like a mountain lodge. How many hours have I probably already spent here?

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The ,Kräuterkammer’ (‘herbal chamber’), a around 45 degrees tempered sauna in the wellness area, very cozy like a mountain lodge

I lie and listen. Sometimes to the sounds of classical music – in the large indoor swimming pool also under water – sometimes the chirping of crickets, the inhabitants of ancient timbers. For me, this is the most beautiful way of meditation, even though it is also offered here professionally: With or without singing bowl. Speaking of lying: On the big screen of the professionally equipped cinema, there run three movies daily, many that I always wanted to see before. Here I finally get the opportunity in XXL wide loungers.

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Wherever I go, inviting sitting areas always await

The decor is right up my alley: sophisticated country-house style, using French linen, rough wood and roughly plastered cob walls, combined with selected antiques and a pleasant lighting concept. It’s the passion for detail that I like so much and this is actually what’s the real secret of the Bleiche. Here and there are a couple of candlesticks, vases and stacks of books. All wisely collected in legwork and over the years by the Bleiche-owners – the Clausing family.

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Traditional decoration ‘Herrgottswinkel’ in the cheese chamber

In the evening I preferably sit in the cozy ,Fischerstube’ (‘Fishers parlor’) or in the quaint ,Kahnschuppen’ (‘fishing boat shed’) – in the summer it’s also nice in beer garden under the old chestnut trees. Gourmets get indulged in star restaurant ,17fuffzig’. The food is delicious I have never been disappointed. I love the Mosel Riesling from the winery ‘Kallfelz’ and especially a regional goat’s cheese at the end, which the rustic cheese chamber holds behind its doors. Maybe I treat myself with a nightcap at the bar. Maybe I’m still sitting at the large fireplace, looking into the fire and imagining how the linen fabrics for the ‘Old Fritz’* were bleached here more than 260 years ago. BvH
*nickname of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia

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Here I can spend hours looking into the fire – and it never gets boring to me in any way


Especially in fall or winter a boat trip is an experience, as you mainly have the channels for yourself and the pasture- and moorlands of the Spreewald are worth a look at – even in the cold season. Ask for Hagen, he is the best tour guide and knows all secrets and things to know.

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Fancy a boat trip? The hotel’s boat harbor offers individual journeys – also during the winter season

Christmas Decor at Bleiche Resort & Spa

Summer impressions

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In the beer garden, one can wonderfully sit under old chestnut trees

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From the herb bed directly into the pot: Star chef René Klages gets his ingredients from the hotel’s herb garden

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The secret of the Bleiche is the love for detail

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In the book shop of the Bleiche, I love to rummage through the current book titles and make readable discoveries

Almost like home

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Beautiful interior: One of the cottage suites with a private sauna, separate bedroom and living area

Hotel_zur_Bleiche_MyStylery (38)

The beds are especially comfortable and cozy

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Relaxing in the bathtub with a glass of Prosecco and candlelight – Good as it gets

Bye, bye, stress!

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Me in bathrobe-mood in front of the fireplace by the indoor pool

Hotel_zur_Bleiche_MyStylery (27)

The Whirlpool

Hotel_zur_Bleiche_MyStylery (18)

A seperate bath and wading area for families with children

You simply do not want to leave

Hotel_zur_Bleiche_MyStylery (32)

One out of eight restaurants: The ‘Weißbiereck’. Comfortable, right?

Hotel_zur_Bleiche_MyStylery (30)

For cheese lovers this is the culinary paradise at Hotel Bleiche Resort & Spa: The cheese chamber

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On a night cap at the bar …

Hotel_zur_Bleiche_MyStylery_ 40 (3)

… or again to the fireplace? The cozy atmosphere ensures a great feel-good factor

Contact Bleiche Resort & Spa:

Bleiche Resort & Spa
Bleichestraße 16
03096 Burg im Spreewald, Germany





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