Ibiza Love: Interior Shop Ksar Living

What: Ksar Living – Interior Shop
Where: San Lorenzo, Ibiza


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Ksar Living specialized itself on antique construction elements and materials that are integrated in the respective projects, such as old Moroccan doors

I am a real fan of Interior and nothing is more beautiful than setting up living spaces and decorating. Except writing perhaps. ☺ And who hasn’t had the dream: Designing a Finca in Ibiza or a house in another place in the world according to own ideas. Sometimes you need support for the planning and implementation of such projects and in Ibiza there is a truly great team of experts in terms of Interior: the designer of Ksar Living.

Ksar_Interior_Ibiza_My-Stylery (5)

Cool – but not cold: a stone bathtub in a bathroom with a concrete look

For 12 years, the interior designer and architect Alberto Cortés Artero and his team offer an all-inclusive service – including landscaping. The former fashion designer discovered years ago his secret love – interior design – and aranges, since then, private houses, boutique hotels such as ‘The Giri Residence’ in San Juan, and restaurants around the globe. Preferably with an Asian-Moroccan touch.

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In my opinion pillows are not only a nice decoration, they are a must

A trip to the huge Ksar-showroom on road 733 to San Juan is in any case worth the time, even if you don’t own a Finca on the island. The Ksar inspires and you get great animations. Anyone who wants to can take one of the selected home accessories, that Alberto Cortés Artero has collected from all around the world, home: The own four walls can have a new look and I can have a nice memory of Ibiza. BvH

Ksar_Interior_Ibiza_My-Stylery (6)

I’m in love with the turquoise glass lamp base. Wrap it up, please!

Ksar_Interior_Ibiza_My-Stylery (2)

Such a Balinese daybed in the garden would be something, wouldn’t it?


There is always a place for these beautiful ceramics*

Ksars_Interior_Ibiza_My-Stylery (4)

Ksar Living also offers textiles such as old carpets


Project in Ibiza*


The boutique hotel ‘The Giri Residence’ in the north of Ibizas was designed by Ksar Living*


Giri-Lobby with a fire place – how cosy!*


Ksar also develops tailor-made furniture with individual designs. This could be my own kitchen!*

Ksar Living
Ctra. De Dan Juan, km 11,6
07812 San Lorenzo de Balafia
Ibiza, Spain


Featured pic by Ana Lui for White Ibiza
*pics by Ksar Living

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