Skykitchen: Heaven above Berlin

What: Skykitchen, Restaurant
Where: Berlin-Lichtenberg

Skykitchen_Restaurant_My_Stylery (12)

Room with a view: The Skykitchen in Berlin

This cannot be the place, I’m thinking whilst driving into the underground car park of Andel’s Hotel. An unspectacular new building located on Landsberger Allee in Berlin-Lichtenberg in a likewise unspectacular neighbourhood next to Velodrom and Burger-King. I’m on my way to Skykitchen, one of todays hippest addresses in Berlin’s restaurant-scene, hurry through the hotel lobby, passing tourists in Birkenstock shoes, in search of the elevator that should bring me up to the twelfth floor. At the top my thoughts only change when the door of the Skykitchen opens and a friendly staff brings me to my seat.

Skykitchen_Restaurant_My_Stylery (3)

Beautiful material- and furniture mix: This could be my dining room

Since last December resides the Skykitchen over the sky of Berlin and offers the observer an excellent view over the city.

Skykitchen_Restaurant_My_Stylery (9)

The Skykitchen: super cozy and downright cuddly

Before I deepen myself into the menu I have a look around. I like the interior a lot. Concrete floor meets wood, velvet-covered sofas and chairs in petrol- and grey tones invite in different formations to chill on a total of 55 seats. In front of the chairs are tables with plates out of rough wood, framed by matt brass. An old apothecary’s cabinet – found at a flea market – hosts glasses and carafes. Great, I think to myself, this is a skilful and unexpected (when I think of the hotel lobby) material- and colour mix.

Skykitchen_Restaurant_My_Stylery (7)

A rich blend of modern materials such as screed, copper and tiles

A Voyage Culinaire  in the Skykitchen

Skykitchen_Restaurant_My_Stylery (2)

The seating areas are casual and all offer a great view over the capital

If the “modern interpreted dishes of the German-Berlin-Kitchen” convince likewise, then nothing can go wrong tonight. Indeed. First I cannot decide which dish to choose. Everything sounds somehow tempting, even the vegetarian offer. I make a choice out of one of the three menus – lobster followed by quail. As a dessert I take a Berlin Musli. I also order a white wine from Austria, before the Amuse Gueule is being served: when was the last time I had such a delicious cream of pumpkin soup?

I enjoy the view and the exquisite dishes and go very happy back home. Head cook Alexander Koppe has rightly cooked himself his first Michelin star. BvH

Skykitchen_Restaurant_My_Stylery (1)

… and I’m going to enjoy the same!

I advice an early reservation.
Also, as of now the Skykitchen serves “Oma’s Brunch”.
Landsberger Allee 106
10369 Berlin

+49 30 453 053 2620


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