Ibiza Love: Beach Restaurant Elements

What: Restaurant Elements
Where: Cala Benirras, Ibiza, Spain


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The bay of Benirras with breathtaking sunsets

Nowhere in Ibiza the beach, sunset and fine dining combine in such perfect harmony as in the beautiful bay of Benirras. It is my absolute favorite among the island beaches, although the sand quality of Benirras is not exactly top notch. Nevertheless, the bay with the obelisk rock provides an almost tropical feeling, and for me there is hardly a more beautiful place on the island, where I stay until the sun sinks into the sea.

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The Restaurant Elements on the beach of Benirras is the perfect place for an unforgettable vacation

On the beach of Benirras is the Restaurant Elements. That’s right up my alley: The device acts like homemade with whitened, recycled wood elements, everything is open and airy – part of the concept of element boss Kiko Malcarne, an Italian, now resident on Ibiza: “Here, everything revolves around a native cuisine with fresh fish, salads and pasta. Our meals are prepared with high-quality products from the region.”

One needs a lot of love to create something beautiful”. Kiko Malcarne

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Beautiful vintage look: The furniture is made of whitewashed, recycled wood elements

I take him at his word and order sea bass in a salt crust, which is filleted at the table. For this purpose I choose grilled vegetables and my favorite Rosé Ibiskus. I look at the colors of the setting sun in the sky and feel like in paradise. Can there be anything more beautiful? The DJ puts on some tunes and I spend the evening in the lounge area. The first people start to dance, because I can’t stand back I dance barefoot in the sand. BvH

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The lounge area in the Restaurant Elements. Here, the DJ puts on some tunes

Tip 1

How to fillet a fish perfectly in a salt crust

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (3)

Tap salt crust with a cloth

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (4)

Ahhh, the completely salt covered fish … here a sea bass

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (5)

Release the fish from the salt and solve the skin …

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (7)

Arrange the fillets, then remove the whalebone …

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (6)

… Buen Provecho!

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Elements Ibiza: News about the island

Tip 2

During the day, Elements offers yoga classes and massages in the spa area, how about the daily vitamin dose at the juice bar afterwards? The small boutique seduces to shop and I discover a sweet bikini, then worn right on the beach.

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So wonderful that I can go shopping everywhere on the island. Also the Elements has its own, small boutique …

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (12)

… for example these friendly grinning, colorful skulls …

My_Stylery_Ibiza_Elements_Restaurant (13)

… Beach towels and decorative jewelry

…and one more tip:

Sunday evening the beach of Benirras is the Eldorado of aging hippies and drum freaks. In high season, unfortunately already mutated into a tourist attraction of the official tour operators, the spectacle offers especially in the off-season a retro trip to ancient times.


A place to be … not only for the aging hippies: The beach of Benirras

Restaurant Elements

(April until October)
Carrer Benirras
Port de Sant Miquel
Ibiza, Spain


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