Cool: Schacky Fashion-Shoot over Berlin

What: Fashion-Shoot
Where: Berlin – Mitte

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (21)_1

Model Corinna in a piped leather top and stretch leather pants. Designer Claudia von Schacky (left) checks if everything is put into perspective

I can’t believe it – and don’t really want to, but summer is now coming to an end. There’s nothing we can do about it – we need to slowly adapt to the cooler season and thus mentally prepare for parkas and boots. 😉

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The photo-shoot over the rooftops of Berlin. What a cool location – unfortunately with grey clouds. Will they disappear?

Here the fashion designers are off better. At least conceptually, they are ahead the season occupationally. Whilst we now consider, in which piece we invest for the coming autumn, the creative fashion people think about the latest trends, which we then wear in the following year. Just now, the Munich fashion designer Claudia von Schacky has photographed her new spring collection in Germany’s capital. MyStylery was there, too, over the rooftops of Berlin, and shows you where the specialist sees the finest stretch leather in spring and summer 2016.

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (28)_1

Stylist Odessa plucks a bit on the trouser leg, while Model Corinna gets into position wearing my absolute favorite Flared pants with matching, embroidered jacket

The – in my opinion – best news first: The so-called Flared cut remains. I looove the 70s look, and thus also the flared pants. And what looks nobler than razor-thin goatskin pants with flip? In her spring-summer collection 2016, Claudia von Schacky prefers casual cuts and oversized silhouettes. Perfect, because who wants to wear skintight clothes at warm temperatures.

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (24)_1

At last the sun comes out. Perfect lighting conditions, which are immediately used by photographer Wiebke Bosse and her team

Who loves their dungarees this year, perhaps invests in bib-leather pants in one of the most promising Schacky colors: Moon, Ocean, Tabac and as a splash of color, a Cherry Red. And for the cool summer evening, fur expert Schacky offers feather-light summer-fur. Fluffy summer-fur. A breath of nothing that still warms. Yes, is that possible? BvH

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (35)_1

Quite windy up here: Hold tight on everything, is the motto. And Model Corinna has to ‘think away’ her goosebumps

Spring Summer 2016 may come!

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (9)_1

Selected parts from the Schacky collection Spring Summer 2016 for the shoot. Until everything is in the box, a whole day passes

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (27)_1

Ops, better check twice: Luxury Designer Claudia von Schacky with Model Corinna and Stylist Odessa

Photo-shoot over the roofs of Berlin

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (8)_1

Over the roofs of Berlin

My_Stylery_Shooting_Collection_Schacky (7)_1

Sexy in leather crop top: Thereto Corinna wears a tobacco-colored gilet, which is a reinterpretation of the classic trench coat. Available from November!





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