Maison et Objet – It greens so green

What: Maison et Objet, Interior Fair
Where: Paris


Trendscout MyStylery on tour: Looking for the latest interior trends at the interior fair Maison et Objet

Since many years I visit one of the most impressive – if not the most interesting – Fair for Interior and Housing, the Maison et Objet in Paris. On many thousands of square meters more than 1,000 exhibitors in eight halls are presented twice a year – in January and in September – the international audience with the latest interior design trends. A mega show, a must for all interior designers, architects and lifestyle experts and my seasonal highlight, to which I look forward to in advance. However, this fall the exhibition was below my expectations.


In Hall 5A young artists present their creative ideas under the motto “Craft Métiers D’Art”

Of course, everyone knows that the wheel cannot be invented again. But similar to the development in fashion, one also hopes in the world of living, at least for a new vision or an inspiration. The result of my over two days extending on-site investigation, I summarize as follows: There is not much new.


Love these lamps made of pressed glass, which look like a glass creations from Murano in Italy

Trend 1:

Peacock Thrones – I looove these extravagant wicker chairs, which admittedly – due to their expansive dimensions – take a lot of place. So retro, so chic! And hardly any of the top exhibitors, that did not have any of these opulent armchairs in the program in his autumn – winter collection.


Peacock chairs by Asiatides

Trend 2:

The color green – whether as glass or tableware, wallpaper, sofa cover or lamp stand: No one at the Maison et Objet missed out on green. The color palette included all the nuances: From soft lime green to juicy fir green. Actually a color palette, which I would have expected more in the spring. But I was glad to have ever spotted a trend. I will not complain. The Maison et Objet will probably never lose its charm for me. This is already guaranteed by the location in Paris, one of my favorite cities, that already accounts for only the stimulus, to visit the Maison et Objet.


The wall candle holder with porcelain parrot competes with green-antiqued glass tiles


Polite reservation and reduced minimalism seem to belong more to the past in these times of social and political change. I mostly came across lush exuberance in the form of bright brass, satin and silk. Even copper is still one of the favorite materials. The cottage-chic is more than ever socially acceptable, which I can only be glad off, with my little renovation project in Brandenburg. The theme country style and natural materials were served almost perfectly. Interestingly, by manufacturers of different nations. That has something connecting, right? BvH


Lush home accessories infront of a mirrored wall


Beautiful arrangement of antique books, natural stone and wood


New romantic: Angels as lamp holders


This king crab is a true giant with a leg span of 180 centimeters and twelve kilos. A monster version that is supposedly 100 years old and has a premium price of 12.400 Euros


A real novelty and the only one of all exhibitors: heavy, opulent Wilhelminian furniture at the stand of Objets des Curiosité


Opulent retro style

Peacock Thrones at Maison et Objet


Colorful bird on Peacock Throne. This one is from Versmissen …


… and this model is from Nkuku …


… and this is from Zenza with 50s floor lamp in shape of palm trees


The Maison et Objet devoted an entire hall to the subject Ethnic Chic


Lovely chairs by Andrew Martin in pandas look. So sweet!


Many exhibitors showed corals, gemstones and fossils as a new decoration idea

It greens so green


Green jungle at Pols Potten


Beautiful green bottles from Brucs


How about a bar in green? This is from Cravt


Eichholtz combines white furniture and green wallpaper


Jonathan Adler also papered his stand in green


Not to deny: The cold season is coming! But the opulent interior design is more an expression of the current social change


Remember this song? My clothes are all green, green, green, everything I have is all green. That’s why I love everything green, because my beloved is a hunter


These autumn shades look very cozy

Retro Style


Still hip: palm trees …


… and pineapple motifs continue to enjoy great popularity


Please pack everything – I take it!


Countryside Style

maison et objet _ paris_mystylery _ mystyleryontour _ interior _ fair _-88

I’m trying to see the best in everything and therefore hit pay dirt with my trend search. Completely in love with this Belgian linen!

maison et objet_paris_mystylery_mystyleryontour_interior_fair_-79

Great idea: Jute-related wire racks become original lampshades – made by Sempre

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