A visit to Anna Jill Lüpertz

Who: Anna Jill Lüpertz, Gallery Owner and Markus Keibel, Artist
Where: Berlin Moabit

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (6)

The livingroom of Anna Jill Lüpertz and Markus Keibel in their cosy old building

When two people move in together, it happens that two lives and two households are mixed together. But what if one doesn’t like the couch of the other one or finds it even ugly? When the Berlin gallery owner Anna Jill Lüpertz and the artist Markus Keibel met each other eight years ago and shortly afterwards decided to create a shared home in Anna’s 170 square meters flat in an old building, there was no approach for a discussion. ART-piece, the apartment was literally empty.


Markus Keibel and Anna Jill Lüpertz

Anna Jill Lüpertz: When I moved in I had nothing except for a bed and a couch.
Markus Keibel: And I brought things that were missing. This has been a good supplement.
MyStylery: Are you always so harmonious?
AJL: Mostly (laughs). The Farrow & Ball-wallpaper in the corridor still comes from the predecessor. We didn’t remove it, because we couldn’t decide on a wall color. I love colors like the one in the living room, a mixture out of old silk and DDR-anteroom-optic.
MK: True, every color is being discussed. I wished myself at least one white room. Nevertheless I was able to assert myself in the kitchen. Basically Anna likes to have more, I like to have less.

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (5)

Right on the wall the Neon-Installation ’I‘ by Pietro Sanguineti

MS: More or less of what?
AJL: I love small things and so called bits and bots. For example I can’t have enough of vases! Markus always puts everything away and believes that I won’t notice it. It’s important to him, that everything is clear, clean and tidy.
MK: For me it’s quality before quantity. And that the things tell a story. After the end of the war, the empire-secretary has been pulled through whole Western Pomerania in a handcart by my grandmother. It accompanied me like the banana-plant throughout my whole life.
AJL: The other plants we purchased together. Markus got the green thumb.

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (4)

At her eleventh birthday Anna got portrayed by the big A.R. Penck and gave it to her afterwards. Above the house-bar on an antique sewing table, in which Anna still stores needle and thread

MS: What is important to both of you in your home?
AJL: To me, the bed is the most important place. This is where I work, here I live. And books…
MK: … Exactly. Our books are our joint smorgasbord. I find apartments without books disconcerting. This is also an expression of quality of life.

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (3)

After the end of the war, Markus grandmother moved the antique secretary in a small wagon hundreds of kilometers

MS: Do you always agree on art or are there different points of views?
AJL: When I met Markus, I was afraid, that his art could be bad trash. Then I secretly googled him and was totally relieved afterwards.
MK: I’m concept-artist; this is the contrary of what influenced Anna in her childhood by the art of her father. Art is a new issue of attitude, not of the taste. BvH

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On the commode you can see Anna’s vase collection, above A.R. Penck: ‘Anna with horse’ of 1980. “My horse was much bigger in reality”, says Anna laughing

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (10)

Above the sofa an ink-drawing of Peter Stauss. On the right and beneath sketches of Anna’s father Markus Lüpertz

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (14)

“I clearly have a bio-craze”, says Anna about the loaded ecologically correct content of the shelves in the kitchen

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (12)

A present of Anna’s stepmother: kitchen-chairs by Arne Jacobsen

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (13)

On the wall photographs of the family

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (11)

Anna on her balcony in her apartment in Berlin-Moabit

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (17)

In the floor Anna stores the rests of the glass menagerie of her grandmother: “I’m especially sorry for the emaciated Chernobyl-fawn”, says Anna Lüpertz and grins

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (16)

In the book shelve a small aquarelle, a present of Anna’s stepmother. “She says this is how I look when I drink red wine.”

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (18)

Cozy corner in the bedroom, beneath a sketch of Peter Stauss. “On the left hangs an old line, which Markus pasted over. An early work”, says Anna Lüpertz winking

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (20)

Impressive stucco, no matter where you look at

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (19)

In the bedroom a new work of Markus Keibel: Ultra Amnesia, ash, gouache, pigment, acryl on canvas, 2015

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (21)

James Lee Byars: ‘Letter to my mother’, beneath a Chinese commode with a ceramic sculpture by Veronika Brovall

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (23)

On the Asian cupboard in the guest room you can see a picture from the family property: Still life with Spanish women

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (22)

Photographic work by Robert Montgomery: ‚Forster-Fire-Poem‘ from 2014

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (15)

In the vitrine that is placed in the floor a work of Markus Keibel: ‘Lampedusa’. The graphical wall paper behind originates back to the previous resident, the actor Inga Busch

My_Stylery_Anna_Lüpertz_Homestory (2)

Black and silver: a work by Markus Keibel. Without a title, acrylic paint on aluminum. Markus spotted the old dining table in a pub, above a lamp by Moooi


The skateboard collection of Markus Keibel, who attended European championships when he was younger and also drives nowadays: “Those skateboards stand here for a reason, not just for aspects of decoration”, emphasizes Anna and laughs


Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery
Potsdamerstr. 98a
10785 Berlin

Berlin Art Week:

Tableau, 2000-2007, Artist Book by Pola Sieverding
Wednesday, the 16th of September
Potsdamerstraße 109 / Kurfürstenstraße 28, 10785 Berlin
from 8 to midnight.

Opening hours:
September 17/18/19, noon-10pm
September 20, noon-6pm

New exhibition:
Der Falke glüht am Firmament – A Solo Show by Harald Hermann
12th of September – 31st of October 2015

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6 pm and upon appointment

Special opening hours during Berlin Art Week:
16th of September 12am – 9pm
17th of September 11am – 9pm
18th/19th of September 12am – 7pm
20th of September 12am – 6pm


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