Vogue Fashion Night Out: Shop ’til you drop

What: Vogue Fashion Night Out
Where: Berlin

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I really like her collection: Designer Dorothee Schumacher and me

When the magazine Vogue invites to ‘Vogue Fashion Night Out’, fashion enthusiasts from all over the place are streaming through the Republic to attend the event, which is celebrated in Berlin and Dusseldorf for the seventh and in Vienna for the first time.
Berlin is buzzing and legions of shopping victims and fashionistas follow the sales marathon that has been initiated by Vogue. It is an international shopping initiative with all the big shops along the Ku’damm and the Friedrichstraße participating. For this special shopping night the luxury boutiques and department stores came up with really cool ideas to convince their fashion conscious clientele to consume. Discounts, so-called ‘Special Editions’, and special campaigns of the respective label tempted the mainly female audience until midnight.

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The colors of fall mirror the current Minx collection: rusty nuances and auburn, combined with rosé-, nude and coral colors. Very intriguing: the auburn petticoat

Prosecco, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres ensured that the good mood resembled maximum excitement. The fashion label ‘Minx’ which set up a pop up store at the Sofitel Hotel offered high-end appetizers and creations from ‘Minx’ designer Eva Lutz from the current fall winter season. ‘Minx Brand Ambassadors’, for example actress Nathalia Wörner who advocates the campaign ‘Kindernothilfe’ (editors note: children in need), which is supported by ‘Minx’ with a special edition, also mingled among the fashionable crowd.

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Actress and ‘Minx Brand Ambassador’ Nathalia Wörner in front of the ‘Minx’ special edition: 45% of the profit is being donated to Kindernothilfe (Editor’s note: children in need). Bravo!

The celebrity concentration on such events is above average, after all each label equips one or the other VIP with their chic clothes. At the Schlüterstraße Vogue’s editor in chief Christiane Arp chatted vividly with Dorothee Schumacher in her flagship store while listening to live music from flutist Kathrin Christians. On this evening you could have one of the so-called ‘Pouches’ a kind of clutch made from the same fabric as the current Schumacher collection, personalized with your own monogram. While in the meantime sipping a delicious ‘Radical Flower Cocktail’, an exquisite drink that might have been quite healthy if it hadn’t been for the Gin.

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Designer Dorothee Schumacher and Vogue’s editor in chief Christiane Arp with a ‚Radical Flower Cocktail‘

Veronica Pohle welcomed Designer Jelena Radovanovic of the label ‘Holy Ghost’ at her boutique. With her stunning looks Radovanovivc resembles a model herself and can easily compete with the three hired models that presented her puristic appearing collection.
Iris Jorde’s boutique ‘Amorph’ was temporarily so crowded, that walking was nearly impossible. The clothes on the racks were sorted from left to right like there was no tomorrow. Doesn’t matter. I’ll come back and take a look at the things my fashion-focused eyes have scanned when the run is over. Without celebs, without prosecco and without excuse. BvH

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Veronica Pohle’s Boutique shined brightly illuminated through the autumnal appearing night. The cold temperatures can neither stop nor irritate a real fashion victim

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‚Holy Ghost‘-Designer Jelena Radovanovic resembles a model herself

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Prosecco in pink as a special edition at Veronica Pohle

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Gorgeous and simple: Veronica Pohle presents the fashion label ‘Holy Ghost’ in her Boutique

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‘Amorph Black’ at the Schlüterstraße in Charlottenburg …

My_Stylery_VFNO_2015_Trend_ (18)

… was temporarily so crowded, that walking was nearly impossible

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Abstract prints and graphic optics, as seen at ‘Amorph’ are super hip. The skirt from ‘MGSM’ gets a big like!

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One of the nicest shops altogether: Dorothee Schumachers flagship store at the Schlüterstraße

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‘Pouches’ a kind of clutch made from the same fabric as the current Schumacher collection, personalized with your own monogram

Shop ’til you drop

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Live music: Flutist Kathrin Christians masterful performance was fantastic


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Too bad I can’t buy this lamp from Dorothee Schumachers Shop. It would fit perfectly into my apartment

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Especially for this event designer Eva Lutz travelled to Berlin, so she could welcome the customers herself

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Minx also designs evening fashion like this gorgeous, golden robe. MyStylery is thrilled!

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The lingerie-boutique ‘Agent Provocateur’ came up with a special idea for the event. A barely dressed model posed in the shop window and presented sweet slips with an even sweeter smile

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