Restaurant Coast and its fabulous crossover kitchen

What: Restaurant Coast
Where: HafenCity, Hamburg

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Just the right thing for a summer in the HafenCity: The bistro of the ‘East’ Hotel has a superb terrace by the water with a view on the concert hall ‘Elbphilharmonie’ and the harbor

If you want to enjoy a combination of the harbor atmosphere in Hamburg, the view of the concert hall ‘Elbphilharmonie’ and good food I recommend the restaurant ,Coast‘, which is located on the Marco Polo Terraces in the HafenCity. The ,Coastan offshoot of the ‘East’ hotel honors the gastronomic reputation of the flagship ‘East’ and serves Euro-Asian fusion cuisine under the direction of the chef de la cuisine Benjamin Nicke, who also created the Coast‘ on Mallorca.

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Great idea: the walls inside are covered with real plants. This is really unique

It’s your choice! How about an Australian Flapsteak with coriander and nut crust, mangetout and Asian cucumber salad, chicken tandoori or a selection from the extensive sushi menu?

Crossover is the food concept

The architecture and interior of theCoast’ adapt the high culinary level: Not only the roof structure – designed by the architects EMBT in Barcelona – which from far seems like the wings of a seagull, is unique. Also the window-front that opens completely are exceptionally in Germany.  The bright building characterizes the modern architecture of the HafenCity (learn more about the architecture on MyStylery’s post “Walking through Hamburg’s HafenCity).

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… architecture like the wing of a seagull …

The impressive roof structure seems like the wings of a seagull – so that no one forgets where he currently is. The ‘Coast‘ is an asset in Hamburg’s restaurant landscape, also because of its attractive location. BvH

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The maritime atmosphere corrensponds with the HafenCity. Thereto fits the light seafood with a smack of Asian

  A true hotspot in Hamburg’s HafenCity

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The ‘Coast’ offers 110 inside- and 150 outside seats …

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… and additional seats in the Enoteca, where wine and Italian antipasti is being served

There are cheaper parking opportunities daily from 6 pm in the Unilever House

COAST by east – Seafood, Bar & Grill
Großer Grasbrook 14
20457 Hamburg
+ 49 40 30 99 32 30

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