Daios Cove: A chic luxury hotel on Crete

What: Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas
Where: Crete, Greece

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Kalimera, Crete! This is the beautiful bay of the luxury hotel Daios Cove

My last Greece experience lies numerous years in the past and unfortunately it wasn’t a good one: While driving on the island of Lesbos I had a horrible car accident with a threefold rollover, fell into a coma just to awake in an adventurous hospital where I had to share a room with a snoring old lady who passed away in one of the following nights and my only thought was to escape. Maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t been to the land of gods and scholars lately.

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Me sitting on the terrace while enjoing the 180-degree view over the turquoise sea

But a few month ago when an invitation arrived to get to know Greece’s most beautiful hotel I didn’t hesitate for a minute: Off to Crete – to soak in some valuable last sun in October!
After roughly four hours flight I’m heading from the airport Heraklion towards Agios Nikolaos with a rental car. Here, in the northeastern part of Greece’s largest island hidden and in absolute standalone location the hotel Daios Cove is situated. With a 180-degree view over the turquoise sea – spectacular!

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Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas: In 2010 the luxury resort led by the Daios family consisting of 39 villas and 261 rooms opened – 165 come with their own private pool

Actually I am rather a fan of individual boutique hotels. Large concrete hotels aren’t for me. The ‚Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas‘ with 39 villas and 261 rooms and suites surely isn’t a small hotel. But thanks to the modern minimalistic architecture of Greek architect 3SK Styliandis it looks as if the luxury resort consisting of individual, interlaced houses has been sculpted into the hillside and is successfully integrated into the landscape. The complex build from grey-brown rocks stretches on lavishing 35 hectares; club cars, three cableways, and lifts are overcoming the resulting distances. Of course it’s also allowed to go up by foot … just kidding!

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Surprise: Behind this door is my villa – you can spy my private pool already and the Mediterranean Sea behind

After I had to walk with crutches for the past few months due to a broken foot, I instantaneously had the best contact to the drivers of the club cars, which made the distance to my gorgeous ‘Private Villa’ insignificant. By the way villa is the right description here: On 115 square meters with an additional 50 square meters patio – spread across two stories, I indulged in a life of pure luxury: two bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms and an outdoor shower, a living room – everything in contemporary and cozy brown-greige shades. Honestly I don’t know what I liked better: my own little ‘private pool’ or the sensational view across the sea and bay that I could enjoy every morning when I was waking up.

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Tadaaa: My luxury two story villa with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and outdoor shower

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (6)

… Ensuite bathroom with fine marble …

A big plus of the Daios Cove is it’s own private beach at the private bay – hotel guests only. From my daybed draped with countless towels I occasionally went into the Caribbean appearing sea (the colors!) and from time to time to the beach bar. Certainly I could have pretended to be action seeking and rent one of the catamarans, jet – or water ski’s. But with my broken foot as a convincing argument I rather stayed on the daybed – until further notice.

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The guests of the Daios Cove mainly come from Germany and England

But Crete really has a lot to offer. So much that it’s also a popular place for alpinists (the Ida-mountains are as far as 2.456 meters high), hobby archaeologists, and old-hippies. Well equipped with tips from Christos Tassakos, the Director of Sales of the Daios-Group, I undertook one or the other amazing day trip. A detailed to-do list is coming soon on MyStylery. But I actually wasn’t too crazy about leaving the Daios Cove, after all I could get pampered in the 2500 square meter spa, dabble in the infinity pool, play tennis or go into the fitness room. The last two options weren’t for me – unfortunately … but as I had mentioned: the foot.

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The terrace of the Taverna

Instead I soon became a regular at the hotel’s restaurants. As resident of one of the villas I could avail myself with the exclusive breakfast service at the Ocean-Restaurant. This was followed by a small lunch in the tavern. I have to admit: the Pangea-Restaurant was not for me. Too big, too impersonal, the minimalistic ambience appeared sterile to me and not very pleasant. I – as an interior pro – would like to produce more coziness here. I spent the evenings at the Ocean-Restaurant – with a view at the selfsame. Magnificent! And because I haven’t seen everything Crete has to offer yet, I will come back soon. αντίο για τώρα – see you soon! BvH

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Each morning my view falls from the 2.10m bed onto the hotels’ own bay …

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (1)

… the second eyes fall on my pool. Should I take a refreshing morning bath here …

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (17)

… or better take an outdoor-shower?

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (28)

I could take a swim in the infinity-pool …

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (35)

… or go directly to the beach

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (30)

I opt for a breakfast in the Ocean Restaurant overlooking the selfsame and the pool

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (21)

The watersports center …

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (3)

… where one can book a catamaran- or jet ski tour

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (19)

For lunch I go to the beach bar. Sea-air makes you hungry

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (32)

A pool and another pool and then the sea – hard to decide, too many options!

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (18)

The lounge- and bar area

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (10)

The 2500 square meter spa with the indoor pool

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (27)

My freshly pedicured feet and I

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (23)

Finally a hotel boutique which offers attractive labels – like Missoni Mare – and stylish clothes

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (24)

The modern executed lobby with designer furniture by Varaschin. Also the lamps by Castellani & Smith are chic. In the background the cableway with which you can get onto the other levels and to the beach with

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (25)

On the way to my villa passing beds of cacti and bougainvillea. By the way: a standard room consists of luxurious 43 square meters

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (34)

Who needs the Caribbean? The fine sand strand of the Daios Coves’ private beach in front of the turquoise sea and soft surf. Ideal for families with children

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (12)

The Taverna

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (20)

Tavern host Dimitri shows me the freshly caught seabass …

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (1)

… which he is going to prepare for me now. Yummy!

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (7)

Sea of lights at Daios Cove

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (8)

On the 22nd April Dios Cove starts into the new season after the winter break

Tip I:

Namasté on Crete: Yoga-Fans – like me – get their moneys worth as well, for example with a one week Jivamukti-Yoga-Seminar at the end of September for 399,- Euro (plus Hotel). More infos: www.daioscove.com

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Daios Cove Director of Sales Christos Tassakos and me

Tip II:

Exclusively for MyStylery Christos Tassakos recommends the most beautiful beaches on Crete

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (2)

1. Not even five minutes by car the small town of Vathi is located with the bay of Voulisma: Greece has a lot more to offer than crisis, mismanagement and middle fingers á la Varoufakis

nördlich von Malia (9)_1

2. Crete is known for its countless, antique dig sites. When you’re on the way to Kolpos Malion you should take a detour to the long sand beach east of the town of Malia. Avoid the town itself, it is ultra touristic

Tertsia (2)_1

3. In the south of Crete you can witness the most beautiful sunsets. For example on the beach of Tertsa – close to the little city of Mirtos – you’ll have to pass an adventures gravel road but its amazingly beautiful, not just for old hippies

Aglia F.. (4)_1

4. Also located in the south close to Agia Folia a cul-de-sac winds down the hill. The bumpy road is worth it; a pebble stone beach in a romantic bay awaits the arriving visitor

MyStylery_Hotel_Daios_Cove_Kreta_ (33)

Me and a last glass of wine on the beach of Tertsa. Αντιο – Bye Crete, see you soon!



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