Ibiza Love: Cotton Beach Club

What: Cotton Beach Club
Where: Cala Tarida, Ibiza

Cotton Beach Club

Cala Tarida in Ibiza’s west*

You can’t know enough good beach clubs in Ibiza, right? Today I take you along to the Cotton Beach Club at the Cala Tarida in Ibiza’s west. Frankly that’s not normally my corner because usually in Ibiza, I live in the middle-island and am beach-wise more focused on the south – with the exception of Benirras, one of my favorite places in the north – west of Ibiza. But sometimes it is worth taking slightly longer Directions: From afar the view opens over the bay of Cala Tarida. A narrow, steep access road leads to the Cotton Beach Club. Et voilá: Welcome to paradise.

Water colors as in the travel brochure – but here guaranteed without filter

In Cotton Beach Club you can easily spend the whole day. From the comfy chairs at the beach you go a few steps up to the restaurant and bar area, on the roof there is another restaurant, the Fay, which specializes in Asian creations. Who is too lazy to climb stairs, can get food served on the beach where the friendliest staff operates, that I have ever met on the island.

In Cala Tirada the water is free of algae and the entry into the sea gently sloping. Ideal for children

Back to Restaurant: In the completely white designed, ultra-chic location, one sits and looks at the turquoise sea, framed by steep cliffs bay, the Cala Tarida. This is -unfortunately typical of the west coast – strongly built-up in the hinterland. But that does not change the unrestricted views and excellent beach quality. In the indoor area there is a fireplace, that warms the guests even at cooler temperatures. Not to beat: On the west coast of Ibiza there is the most spectacular sunsets and indeed in full length – perfecto! A plus point, that can’t be beaten so easily.

The Lounge: Despite the white color, the location exudes coziness

The food was excellent, both in quality and in the optical presentation. Saffron mussels and sashimi, followed by chicken tacos. The wine list holds an impressive range of Spanish, French and Italian bottles, prepared for those who prefer non-alcoholic’s: select the fresh smoothie and juice supply. A white chocolate soup with raspberry and fruit for dessert was the successful conclusion to a wonderful day in a wonderful location, to which I will return soon.  BvH

White chocolate soup with raspberry and fruit

All in white: from the floorboards to the wooden furniture and the set tables

A beautiful look gives the comfortable chill – corner, which was designed in powder tones

For me the most beautiful color-play: Blue sky, turquoise sea and in front the white decorated restaurant

Pineapple Parrot at the bar

Inside much attention has been paid to detail

From the lounge area, that was built on the terrace, you can enjoy the best views of the beach and sea. Tip: Here is the perfect place for friends of the sunset

Those are fantastic aqua colors – Who needs the Caribbean?

This way! The Cotton Beach Club is built on multiple levels

Cotton Beach Club

Fancy a massage? In Cotton Beach Club that is also possible

The Cala Tarida

White ambience, white dressed guests, white dresscode? Coincidence. Here also the style is relaxed

Cotton Beach Club

A wonderful day in a splendid location: I’ll be back!

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