Ibiza Love: The Country Hotel Atzaró

What: Hotel Atzaró
Where: Ibiza, Spain


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Bougainvillea everywhere: The Hotel Atzaró in Ibiza Island

I am often asked, what is the best place to stay on Ibiza? To be honest – I have no answer to this. There are just too many great places on this fabulous island. Let me put it that way: The choice of accommodation depends largely on what you want to do on Ibiza. Party animals better choose a hotel in Ibiza town, such as the ‘Ocean Drive’ in Ibizas Marina Botafoc, which I recently introduced in MyStylery’s series IBIZA LOVE. Or you book a room with a view (to the pool side, where things are happening!) at the Hotel ‘Ushuaia Tower’. For those of you who prefer a more quiet, relaxed vacation there is only one place to stay: The „Atzaro Agroturismo“ in the heart of the Island.

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View to the large pool and the Asian-inspired spa

Don’t let the word „Agroturismo“ confuse you. It stands for ecological correct tourism – in a very modern sense. No Birkenstocks or jute bags. On the contrary, the Atzaró is a luxurious, gorgeous complex in the middle of a romantic orange grove with several pools, a very good Spa – including Moroccan Haman – and an excellent gourmet restaurant, where organic balanced meals are prepared mainly with ingredients from the hotel’s garden.

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The hotel lobby with fireplace

The country hotel, which was built in the Ibizan finca style, also offers meditation, yoga and Qigong in a beautiful Balinese pavilion. Here everyone can find peace and ideally to himself. Bougainvillea frame the Balinese daybeds and wrap the entire Atzaró in a heady scent.

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Here the romance factor is extremely high, no wonder that the Atzaró is very popular amongst wedding couples

None of the Ibizan styled rooms with an Asian touch are alike. Some of them offer a private garden, an own terrace or a fireplace. You will love the warmth of the open fire especially on cool evenings, since the Atzaró recently welcomes guests all year and the winter temperatures cool down noticeably.

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Snuggling by the fire – how cozy!

What I like best about the Atzaró, are the various daybeds and sitting areas that invite anywhere on the hotel grounds for dozing and relaxing. Here I let myself fall into the lush cushions landscape and and just dream the day away. BvH

Feasting under starlit sky: Here it is possible!

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In the evening, the garden of the Atzaró is romantically illuminated and the food is served in the excellent gourmet restaurant “The Orange Tree”

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Daybed with water lilies

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In the Atzaró is great attention to the detail …

My_Stylery_Hotel_Atzaro_Agroturismo_Ibiza_Hotspot (18)

… with an Asian touch …

My_Stylery_Hotel_Atzaro_Agroturismo_Ibiza_Hotspot (14)

The entrance of the restaurant ‘The Orange Tree’

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What a super nice pool! 43 meters long – no reason to complain

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What I really enjoy: After spending an exhausting shopping spee at the nearby Hippy market of Las Dalias (IBIZA LOVE Part X) …

My_Stylery_Hotel_Atzaro_Agroturismo_Ibiza_Hotspot (2)

… I relax with a delicious chicken-salad- lunch in Atzaró’s restaurant ‘La Veranda’. Here you can also have a wonderful breakfast

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Nice: Furniture and fabrics are mainly decorated in white

My_Stylery_Hotel_Atzaro_Agroturismo_Ibiza_Hotspot (7)

For eleven years, the family-run hotel pampers its guests. Atzaró has been completely renovated and modernized in 2014

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The hotel’s own organic garden

My_Stylery_Hotel_Atzaro_Agroturismo_Ibiza_Hotspot (3)

Another inviting lounge area

My_Stylery_Hotel_Atzaro_Agroturismo_Ibiza_Hotspot (1)

Beautiful nature with blooming cactus

Contact Atzaró:

Carretera San Juan, km 15
Santa Eularia des Riu
Ibiza, Spain

Featured pic by Atzaró





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