Ibiza Love: Restaurant Bambuddha

What: Restaurant Bambuddha
Where: Ibiza, Spain


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Fills almost the entire Balinese-inspired roof structure: the gigantic chandelier

I have a little Ibiza-ritual that I want to share with you here: Any stay on my favorite island begins – and ends – with a meal in the restaurant Bambuddha. It is located a stone’s throw away from the finca, in which I like living, in the middle of the island on the road 733 towards San Juan. A beautiful tradition for years and it is always an unforgettable culinary experience.

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The Restaurant Bambuddha seems like a Balinese bamboo cave: A place for cool people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere

Though the Bambuddha has meanwhile become an institution, a classic in the restaurant scene of Ibiza. As a well-traveled Hippie, the Anglo-Greek originated John Moon settled in Ibiza, where he founded the Bambuddha in 1999. His travels have inspired him and he succumbed to the Asian influences and temptations, which is reflected both in the menu, the interior design as well as in every other way: There are pools of erotic artifacts, the food is meant to have aphrodisiac effects, so of course do the cocktails like Bamboozles, Karmapirinhas or Shivalingas in the ‘Tantra Cocktail Palace’. And that there are appropriate sex-accessories in the restaurant shop, now doesn’t surprise anyone anymore.

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Good for an aperitif or nightcap with the Ibiza sounds from the DJ: The ‘Tantra Cocktail Bar’

The Bambuddha has reinvented itself again and again over the years. Certainly one of the reasons why it is still in the top league of Ibiza’s restaurants. Three years ago, it was completely renovated and redecorated. Meanwhile son JonJon has taken the lead and together with the star chef Alejandro Martinez Arquero developed the menu with the ‘MediterrAsian’ courts – a Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine.

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Oh, is this Bali? Buddha statues everywhere you look

And that is this year’s motto: What is cooked, comes on the table, whether the other starters or main courses are not ready to be served yet: My personal favorite is the papaya salad – simply unbeatable! Wonderfully tender is the 24-hours-stewed lamb or classics such as teriyaki salmon, Pad Thai and crispy duck. So can – and should – everyone try from each other’s dishes and thus has a greater taste sensation. A brilliant idea! Ibiza, I’ll be back as soon as possible and it cannot wait! BvH


I love the many daybeds and cozy corners that exist in Restaurant Bambuddha! So nice!*

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Not a museum but a decoration in Bambuddha infront of the washrooms

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The courtyard: How about an open air-cocktail?

Tantra Cocktail Bar

Restaurant Bambuddha _Tantra_525px

The ‘Tantra Cocktail Bar’ offers cool drinks – and one or another hot inspiration*


The guardians say goodbye to the guests: Bye bye Bambuddha, I see you soon!*

Contact Restaurant Bambuddha

Carretera de San Juan, km 8.5
07840 Santa Eulalia del Río
Ibiza, Spain


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