Nithan Thai: Berlin’s new hotspot for Asian cuisine

What: Nithan Thai, Restaurant
Where: Berlin – Mitte

Berlin’s new Asia restaurant: The Nithan Thai in Mitte on Chausseestraße

Since one year in Tel Aviv, now also in Berlin: Recently, in the middle on the Chausseestrasse, the Thai restaurant Nithan Thai opened its doors. I love the Asian cuisine and was especially excited about what awaits me. To start with, my culinary excursion was pretty much the best I’ve been able to enjoy lately.

The interior designers from Tel Aviv understand their craft

Right at the entrance of Nithan Thai, the visitor awaits a stylish ambience. The bar is located In the center of the 120 square meter restaurant, the walls are decorated with warm wood with matte brass elements, Asian art on brickwork, cozy seating groups on different levels. The interior designers from Tel Aviv understand their craft. This is also where the Chef Shahaf Shabtay comes from, who founded the Nithan Thai Restaurant in Israel’s trendy coastal town a year ago. Now Shabtay, who collected his culinary experiences in Japan, New York, Mumbai and Amsterdam, brought the royal Thai cuisine to the capital with international influences: a real enrichment.

My Favorite: The lightly fried ‘Thai Roll’ with sashimi of tuna and salmon and an unbeatable sesame sauce

To start with, I chose a refreshing, ‘Nithan Thai Fuzzy ‘cocktail with Riesling champagne. Then I got a hot cloth and a Kaffir-lime-leaf, which, when rubbed between the hands, unfolds its spicy-fresh fragrance. Amazing! What followed was a delicious menu of fish and meat dishes. In between a vegetarian corn soup and a papaya salad with coriander sauce. My Favorite: The lightly fried ‘Thai Roll’ with sashimi of tuna and salmon and an unbeatable sesame sauce.

Cozy seating groups inside the Nithan Thai

The menu of the Nithan Thai is based on five Thai cooking elements: under “Sunrise” you will find the starters. ‘Golden Sun’ stands for crisp fried and ‘water’ for fish dishes. ‘Sound’ offers grilled meats and ‘Inner peace’, everything what makes you stronger. The service team is friendly and fast. My wish for an extra portion of coriander was immediately fulfilled. The Maestro comes personally to the table and likes to tell you about the history and philosophy of offering food at star level but still at affordable prices.

Chiefs of the kitchen: Shahaf Shabtay and his right hand Ivana

Conclusion: Fish and meat were cooked perfectly. Sauces and side dishes are harmonious and not too dominant. It is the details that convinced me in the Nithan Thai. Before the dessert – a ‘Kaffir Semi Fredo’ with strawberries, raspberries and rosemary – was served, jasmine tea soaked dessert spoons come to the table. The spoons take on the delicate aroma of jasmine and thus create a very special taste experience. More is not possible. BvH

Jasmine tea soaked dessert spoons

Kaffir Semi Fredo – Strawberries,Rasberries, Rosmarine

Dum Brulee – Sesame, Mango, Mint

Not too much promised: ‘Nithan’ comes from the Thai and translates to fairy tales

Tam Ma-La-Ko: Green Papaya, Mango, Chukka Chili, Mint, Kaffir lime, Cashew, Akaya Cham sauce

Golden Gong – Crystal Shrimps, Moto Yogurt, Long Bean, Yakitori, Thai chili

The Nithan Thai offers guests lunch, dinner and the bar. Guests are also offered breakfast and a bakery

Vegetarian corn soup

Sea C Curry – Steam Stripe Sea Bass, Thai Tomatos, Kaffir Lime, Yam Chili, Shitake, Young Coconut

Pepper Beef – Wok Fillet, Garlic Palm Thai Style

The Nithan Thai with love to detail and on expansion course: Soon to open in Prague and New York

Love the ladies bathroom!

The extensive wine menu of the Nithan Thai offers German and international wines

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