Apartment of Gallery Owner in Berlin

Who: Marcus Deschler – Gallery Owner
Where: Berlin – Mitte


Left on the wall: “Walterli” by Patrizia Waller. The big painting „Indian II“ (1982) by Rainer Fetting. Sofas: Ligne Roset


A miss is past: “Walterli” by Patrizia Waller (2011)

It was truly a brave move to come to Berlin in the beginning of the 90s, choosing the not refurbished “wild East” as a prospective center of life. Marcus Deschler had the courage and, since then, lives in one of the most popular streets of the capital. He conceived a big old building flat out of three flats, refurbished the filigree stucco, the beautiful oak-inlaid-parquet and heavy brass doorknobs. Its center is made off a perfect equipped stainless steel kitchen, because the head of house is a passionate amateur chef.


Gallery owner Marcus Deschler in his livingroom, in the background „Selfmad“ by Rainer Fetting

MyStylery: It was a good solution to place the kitchen in the so-called “Berlin Room”.
Marcus Deschler:
I really racked my brain about the planning. I prefer cooking for many people. The kitchen as a communication platform is the core of my flat. As a child of art enthusiasts, I grew up in the Bauhaus style. Hence I love a mix out of history and modern.


Art in the kitchen: „Entenvogel – als Räuber – ertarnt sich seine begehrte Beute“ by Deborah Sengl (2003)


cooking station

MS: You partly surround yourself with quite provocative exhibits. Has there been a visitor who got scared off by the sight of the “Wolf im Schafspelz” from Deborah Sengl or Patricia Waller’s “Bambi mit Beil”?
That may well be. My choice of art pieces is very wayward and the provocation inevitably leads to stronger dialogues. Art is no decoration, it’s a statement.


„Der Wolf – als Räuber – ertarnt sich seine begehrte Beute“, Deborah Sengl (2004)


No art, but an heirloom: The polar bear fur in the living room


An issue for the animal welfare? Of course not! Art by Patrizia Waller: „Who killed Bambi“ (2008)

MS: Is so-called good art dependent on the price? What do you recommend novices when buying a painting?
There is no panacea. “Good” art is not necessarily expensive; it’s often a matter of timing. I therefore recommend investing timely.


Holger Bär, „Neuschwanstein reloaded“, acrylic on canvas (2012)


Flower arrangement on a chrome table (Ligne Roset)

MS: What is your favorite piece?
Every single one is a favorite. Neither do I have an explicit favorite spot. Couch, bed or kitchen desk: I all like them equally.


View into the living room. On the wall an art piece by Hans van Meeuwen: „Äste“ (2002)

MS: What would you not want to spare in your flat?
MD: Flowers and my art pieces.


There is no danger of slipping here: „Bananenschale“, Patrizia Waller (1996)

MS: Do you judge other people’s flats from their art?
That wouldn’t be fair. It’s always the living conditions, which define the flat situation, for example children or finance. Important is the individual note. 


Huge art in the kitchen: the digital piece  „Streitmeier Bock Drilling“ by Wolfram Odin (2001)


Still life with sculpture by Rainer Fetting: „Sitzender Hund“ (2006)


Favorite place of Deschler’s guests is the kitchen-counter


Is it art or trash? “This tray is a gift from a friend.”


The blue ceramic doses are from Deschlers great-grandmother


Deschler got the white KPM vase on a flea market; The brass box is an heirloom of his father


The stainless steel kitchen is built to the design of Marcus Deschler


Nice detail: The refurbished historic brass door handles


Deschler discovered the art piece of foam material at Art Basel


„Cat“ by Patrizia Waller (2004) and a coffeetable book



Galerie Deschler
Auguststraße 61
10117 Berlin


Opening hours during the Gallery Weekend:
Friday: 11 am-9 pm
Saturday & Sunday 11 am-7 pm

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