BMW Polo Cup at Gut Basthorst

What: BMW Polo Cup 2015
Where: Gut Basthorst, Schleswig Holstein, Germany


The size of a normal polo field measures 300 yards (about 274 meters) by 200 yards (approx. 183 meters)

A trip to my former homeland Schleswig Holstein is my personal highlight every year in May: At the time when nature explodes, I am always happy to recover from the big city turmoil for a weekend.


Welcome to Basthorst Manor!

Gut Basthorst lies close to Hamburg and currently has idyllically blooming rape fields and lots of fresh green around the surrounding forests. In this setting the Polo Club of Gut Basthorst organises the Polo Cup which is directed under the leadership of its President Enno Freiherr von Ruffin since 2009. On the first weekends in May and in September the international tournaments Polo Elite will be played here – twice a year.


The game is played with two teams of four players that have different handicaps


Each polo player has a personal handicap, which starts at -2 and goes to +10

The “Game of Kings”, which was already extremely popular in Persia at the time of Alexander the Great under the name “Chaugan”, is now played on every continent. Polo is the oldest team sport, and probably the most exclusive and most expensive sport on earth.


In a tournament the polo player has at least four polo horses that will be replaced after each played “Chucka”


The polo racket is called stick, which is made of wood, bamboo and fiber composites

At the BMW Polo Cup last weekend played eight teams with participants from Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, the Netherlands, India, Argentina and Uruguay.


The game is divided in time periods – the so-called “Chucka”. Each of these periods lasts seven minutes. A game consists of four to eight “Chucka”*

The polo field of Gut Basthorst counts to one of the most exceptional locations, turf qualities and also to one of the most beautiful places in Germany. “The special thing about our Polo Cup is the relaxed and familiar atmosphere,” says Baron von Ruffin, whose ancestor is located here since 1278. This is probably also the reason why the tournaments reach around 3,000 spectators who cheer at the polo teams with grilled sausages and Basthorst’s beer. BvH


Enno von Ruffin and me last weekend at the Polo Players Night – the best party of the season! **


The specially bred polo ponies are mainly from Argentina


The Height of the polo ponies is usually at about 1 meter 50


The best polo players in the world with a handicap of +10 currently all come from Argentina


This polo pony waits for action


120 Polo horses were brought for the weekend tournament to Basthorst Manor


Argentinian grooms take care of the ponies. The welfare of the animals is a top priority


The exclusive Polo Sport also attracts other luxury: Here are two vintage Bentleys


Other dates and tournaments in the magazine Polo +10:

*Photo and featured image: Gut Basthorst
** Photo by Sybill Schneider

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